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Maybe If Texas Were Mexico

Millions of Texans still need fresh water and heat

This is not a hurricane so maybe it is not getting the attention of a Gulf storm hitting New Orleans but this is a natural disaster and the response by Washington to come to the aid of Texas as been an equally atrocious disaster. The horrendous winter storm and frigid cold hit the entire state of Texas over a week ago. No power, no heat, no water, no food supply and it took until this past Friday for President Biden to declare Texas a National Disaster.

Biden finally calls Governor Abbott on Thursday night

Biden seems to be getting a pass on his response to Texas and their need for help in recovering from this blow from Mother Nature. A far cry from the roasting that President George W. Bush received for his response to Hurricane Katrina. At that time, Bush could do nothing right according to the press and media but in Biden’s case with Texas, any critics have been silent. This seems to be what we can expect going forward with the Biden administration. They are the media darlings and there will be no critics. That may get old as the bad decisions or lack of urgency may finally get to be too much to ignore. If not this situation, what will it take? Time will tell.

The people in Texas are still melting snow for a source of water. The grocery shelves are as empty as they were at the start of the Pandemic. Electricity is still not restored for the entire state and when the frozen pipes thaw and pipes start breaking it will be phase II of the crisis. Democrats like Chuck Schumer are already pointing fingers at Texas claiming this is their fault for not yielding to the perils of Global Warming when designing their power grid. Does he even hear himself….Warming???? This is the longest stretch of cold temperatures that Texas has felt in decades. The wind turbines did not fail because they overheated, they FROZE. Chuck, get an understanding before your lips go into gear. There were problems with the grid and they will be investigated and corrected but call off John Kerry and Little Greta Thunberg. There is no warming to see here.

This is week 2 of the recovery. The good people of Texas are tough and they will survive but they also deserve our help. Maybe if we can pull Biden’s attention away from freeing illegal immigrant criminals or tearing down our borders for just a moment, he can see fit to lend Texas a helping hand. Or maybe we can tell him that Texas is still part of Mexico and then you’ll see him jump through hoops to bail them out….or in this case, warm them up and turn on the lights.

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Ray Cardello

I love this country and what it has meant to the world. We are a young and still forming country but I have very conservative views that make me fearful for the direction many want to see us heading. I believe we are strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

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  1. Don’t ya just love it when someone without a clue tells you what you should think and do? Walk in my boot, Mr Biden & then I’ll listen.(maybe) I live about two hours from the border where last week the Border Agents intercepted 230 ILLEGAL (criminal trespassers) in just under two hours in adition to those crossing at checpoints …..Perhaps Senor Biden is right, Texas is Mexico…..and he waited until I’d been melting snow for three days before he even called Gov Abbott…. Our schools and emergency rooms are overcrowded with “non-english speaking” persons and I almost need a passport to go to Walmart….
    Understand, that President will grace us with his presence (weater allowing) on Friday….BEINIVEDOS….and maybe learn the difference of an oil well from a gopher hole…
    FYI Texas is a sovereign REPUBLIC

  2. He can’t stutter his way through a simple sentence let alone offer assistance. This while there are so many lines for Covid shots Hunter was looking to snort them. Surely you jest. The man cant make it out from the bathroom unscathed. Demwits are too busy closing Trump’s skating rinks and cutting checks for illegals to worry about Texas.

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