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Gift Ideas For Your Newbie Influencer Friend

If you have a friend that has just started on their journey as an influencer you are lucky to not have to think hard about making meaningful and original gifts for them. Doesn’t matter the occasion there are some things all newbie influencers will be happy to receive. And no, these do not include a new piece of clothing or a box of their favorite makeup, those are things for everybody. If you want to maintain the level of originality in your gift giving habits and pleasantly surprise them while showing them support here is the list of few things you can purchase.

Get them a good mic

This is a must if your influencer friend has anything to do with ASMR or Mukbangs. But even if this is not so and they are doing different kinds of content, a decent mic will help them out in more than one way. Good equipment is necessary when shooting videos or taking pictures. Choose some quality mic that is not overpriced. Read reviews online before you make a purchase or chat up with somebody who knows more than you in the field. You can make your purchase online or visit a local equipment store. If you do the latter don’t forget to ask consultants for help.

Help them boost their engagement

You can either hide a professional social media manager or run an ad campaign for your influencer friend but none of these sound exactly convenient. Not to mention you will have to probably spend a fortune. The easiest way to help your influencer friend boost the engagement on their social media platform, and not just one, is via special websites where you can find these kinds of services. It will make them happier than anything. And honestly? This is probably one of the most original gift ideas ever. You will definitely be praised for your thoughtfulness.

Give them a led light

Not only beauty bloggers and vloggers are the ones struggling to find a spot with decent lightning to capture themselves. Lifestyle or travel bloggers, cooking and nutrition content creators, fitness focus influencers and literally anyone else needs a good lightning. It is an essential. You have probably seen how movies and photoshoots are done with the help of a professional lightning team and fancy equipment. That is because you do need artificial light to shoot a video or snap a good picture. There are not so expensive alternatives on the market that you can purchase. You will be practical and helpful at the same time.

Make a custom gift

It could be a logo or a small statue or perhaps a printed out poster they can hang on the wall but if your friend is an influencer they have their own brand. Being recognizable and memorable for the audience can only be done by being yourself. There is nobody like them and you can convey the message by custom making them a gift. Poster, statue, t-shirt, scarf or a mug, you can ask the creators to put the username of their social media account or a message from you wishing them a successful influencer journey.

And lastly..

Support them. Whether it is by encouraging them verbally or sharing their content on your own social media it will always be more important to show you are supporting them in pursuing their dream. Especially if they are just starting out and do not have the support of their audience. When you purchase something, don’t forget to attach a card telling them you are cheering on them.

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