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Even Catholic Paris Hilton Has Been the Target of Anti-Semitic Death Threats

Throughout the years, Paris Hilton has been accused of many things, mostly related to her privileged position. One of the things that she hasn’t been charged with until conspiracy theories started becoming more widely spread is being Jewish.

Shockingly, death threats against her were made because of baseless claims that  Paris Hilton is Jewish.

Paris Hilton Harassed on Instagram

As a celebrity, Paris Hilton is certainly used to people making fun of her on social media. On the other hand, there is a difference between poking fun at someone and making death threats. Ms. Hilton received messages threatening to kill her because she is Jewish. Her family filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Police Department. In the police report, social media posts such as “kill jews for fun” are mentioned. Reportedly, there were also threats made involving sexual violence. 

Even though this is far from the story’s focus, Paris Hilton and her family are not Jewish. The Hilton family is Catholic. 

This whole event is shining a light on racism, discrimination, and antisemitism that is still, unfortunately, alive and well throughout society. 

Jewish People Continue To Be the Targets of Conspiracy Theories

One of the other threats included in the police report mentioned that Paris Hilton’s “Jew family gives nothing.” This threat permeates with undertones, making references to Jewish people being in control of large financial organizations. One of the prominent conspiracy theories involving Jewish people is that they are somehow in power positions more often than other people. Some people even believe that Jewish people control the media, the entertainment industry, the banking system, and other powerful industries. 

Of course, this is a conspiracy theory that has no evidence to support it. Unfortunately, this is just another example of sensationalism that is running wild. People need to come together to stomp out conspiracy theories such as this. For instance, since Paris Hilton has re-entered the spotlight, she has played a significant role in bringing attention to issues that continue to threaten people who have historically been marginalized. This includes people of minority backgrounds, women, and, of course, the Jewish population. Even though Paris Hilton is not Jewish, she does understand that they face a lot of discrimination. Even though she is not exactly new to people making fun of her on social media, it is clear that these threats got her attention quickly, causing her to file a police report.

Looking to the Future: Addressing Social Justice Issues

Unfortunately, there are still people who are discriminated against all over the world for various reasons. People are frequently discriminated against because of their gender, ethnicity, national origin, and religion. Even though the First Amendment of the United States Constitution makes explicit reference to freedom of religion, it appears that a lot of people still do not want to respect this. This experience has had a significant impact on Paris Hilton, particularly with her history of abuse. At the same time, she has not deterred. She will use her power position to shine a light on these critical social justice issues. This includes people who are discriminated against because of their religion. It will be interesting to see what happens as this investigation unfolds. Hopefully, people who do not have the same type of attention as Paris Hilton will use her experience as a source of inspiration. 

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