Racists Dominate In The Biden Administration

I’ve noticed over the years that people who insist on talking about race first and foremost in a conversation, are usually the racists in the room.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to NOT notice a person’s race any more than you can not notice the difference between a female and a male person you are talking to, but do these obvious differences between individuals have to inevitably and always be the subject of conversation between sensible, well-meaning people? That’s not to say that subjects of race should not be discussed if solutions to unique problems are encountered, but when race is gratuitously inserted in policy and position announcements, time after time, these references may not be the best ideas.

But Democrats seem to be required to NOT talk about the former national topics of equality and fairness of treatment among all Americans, and they instead will always bring up the topics of race or sex, and make those subjects the main flow of conversation. They’ll tell us how unfair America is, even when the persons making these accusations are often black women appointed to high government positions in the Biden administration, who are making more money than the average American will ever make, have more prestigious and influential jobs than the average American will ever have, and are telling the rest of us how hard their lives have been and how discriminated against they‘ve been by this racist country, that has now given them a top governmental job. One doubts that these elite, Biden political appointees have any belly-aching to do in their cushy new jobs.

I‘m sure everyone noticed that in the first remarks that Joe Biden made after his inauguration, the most strident and emphasized remarks he made were not about the greatness of America nor how a know-nothing Senator from Delaware should be thankful be the president, they were instead remarks about race. Probably not noticed was an email from Biden’s newly appointed Chief of Staff for The Interior Department, Jennifer Van de Heide, to her new employees in the department in which she used the key phrases of the racist left, of “government employees should look like America” and “systemic racism” in her initial communication with Department employees.

What do these idiotic phrases and ideas expressed by Ms. Van de Heide have to do with the work the Interior Department does? How can this woman do the work for Americans in her new position when she uses racially-approved Democrat, put-down phrases referring to race in each negative communication?

The American left, especially in the Biden administration, are race-first people and their racist statements are a slap in the face to all good, sincere, non-racist citizens of this nation. It quickly makes citizens feel that they are not only being lectured to with this “systemic racism” terminology, it also seems that Democrats intend to program Americans to obey government edicts, just as citizens were programmed to obey big brother in the book 1984. And it’s an insult to have people who are supposed to be working for us citizens and serving us in governmental positions, making these accusatory charges about the nation’s racism, which does not exist, except on the political left.

And the political left, with their never-ending ability to take the liberties and constitutional rights from everyone else and stick those stolen rights in their own pockets, have begun using the word “equity” instead of the more appropriate word “equality” for what they seek in America. And if you think that the word “equity” sounds like a rephrasing of the word “reparations”, you’d be correct.

In the opinion of Democrats, equity should be a gift awarded to people who can’t win when treated with equality; which is to say that if being treated equally, on a flat playing field with everyone else, doesn’t allow them to win in life’s lottery, then they start to demand “equity” in order to get the win for themselves anyway. Either way, they win, and the nation loses.

Biden’s staff’s motto is sort of an update on the old “heads-I-win and tails-you-lose” coin flipping game, but these people are playing for keeps, with our nation and with our lives.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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