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National Guard Will Occupy DC Through Trump Impeachment Trial, Report Says

The National Guard will continue to occupy Washington, D.C. with approximately 5,000 soldiers in anticipation of violence throughout former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, according to a Politico report.

Citing “impeachment security concerns,” many soldiers will see their D.C. deployment extended, four anonymous sources told Politico. As of Feb. 24, some soldiers say they have not been briefed on any specific threat or reason for the extension.

“There is no defined situation, or mission statement. … This is very unusual for any military mission,” a soldier, who has served in Afghanistan, told Politico.

There are approximately 5,000 military members deployed to Iraq and Afganistan combined, according to the Department of Defense.

Qanon conspiracy theorists have predicted Trump will be re-inaugurated Mar. 4, raising concerns about the potential for another event similar to the Capitol riot. The theory asserts that executive authority was transferred to the military, not Biden, and that Trump will come back to power this spring, according to Reuters.

Thousands of troops are already leaving DC to scale back from the near 25,000 soldiers who were in the capital for the Jan. 6 inauguration. The governors of Montana, Florida, Texas, and New Hampshire have ordered their Guard members back home, according to Politico.

The impeachment trial is set to take place on Feb. 8. The National Guard will remain in D.C. until mid-March, Politico reports.

Trump’s previous impeachment trial lasted three weeks and the Senate did not vote to convict, according to ABC.

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  1. Must be terrible for a whole party to be so scared of its citizens that they have to fence themselves off from public and have major guns all around them just to protect them from imaginary harm! They even turned the city into a war zone to swear in their senior citizen and nobody showed up to protest him …… Anyone have a figure on how much it cost the taxpayers for this charade ?

  2. Why are taxpayers paying for protection at a fraudulent trial? To protect the kangaroos? The dum0krats keep showing what kind of minds have been elected to run our country. They’re crazy, literally. Our President Trump committed no crime, it was an invention of the Dum0krats to try to keep him from ever running for election again. The dum0krats are the ones who have committed crimes against the USA with the help of their fiends. They are so afraid of being exposed but they will be exposed sooner or later and will pay. We all know what they’ve done, they’re not very good at covering their tracks. Their threats and bullying aren’t going to do a thing to help them this time around .

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