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BanHammer: Twitter Really Isn’t That Into Us … Anymore

Well, I knew this was coming considering the massive number of followers that have disappeared over the last few weeks, but I still have no idea which post(s), retweets, or replies ticked off the snowflakes over at Tweep overwatch.

Regardless, the site got hit with the ShadowBan Hammer. No notification – email, DM, or otherwise. And hey, they didn’t boot us off the platform, but unless you try really, really, REALLY hard to see our tweets, you’ll never find them, unless you already follow us.

In other words, we’ll never see a new follower again as long as this persists.

This didn’t all happen overnight. For months, the “search suggestion ban” has been on our account. I guess they try the least censor-ish way to keep our speech closeted first. Then, the full search and reply hiding steps were added two days ago which has dropped Twitter from a top-five referral source to … nothing.

Let’s break down the three ways that AngryBird security is hiding us from… almost everyone.

Search Suggestion Ban

If someone types in part of our handle, site name or a topic we cover, Twitter will never suggest our account to anyone unless they are already following us.

Search Ban

None of our tweets will show up in a search on the site, even if you search directly for our handle, a topic we cover, or a hashtag closely related to us.

Reply Hiding

Our replies to others, known as conversation or discourse, will be put behind a tab requiring additional clicks to unhide.

And It’s Not Just Us

Conservative outlet PJ Media has been shoved down the memory hole:

And pro-Trump meme artist Sol (solmemes1) has likewise been relegated to the back alleyway:

Conservative video maker MRCTV has been hit with the first level of smackdown:

How Bad is the ShadowBan?

It effectively mutes our message on the platform outside of users who are “closely tied” to us – in other words, already following. The social media giant is expelling followers at an alarming rate and preventing us from gaining new ones.

It won’t be long before our Twitter posts reach little more than a handful of likely inactive accounts.

Come on Parler, get back up soon.

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