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Socialist Democrats Want To Take Away Our Holidays

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When Barak Obama was president he said, “It wasn’t right that we were No.1 in the world” and that we should be no different than anyone else.  Since then and in previous years before that democrats have been trying to turn this country into a socialist/ communist country and that includes attacking our holidays in the name of diversity and destroying our sacred Judeo/Christian ethics and traditions. As more and more immigrants come into these countries we are becoming more and more secular instead of having them assimilate.

In his last rally in Georgia President Trump commented on this saying, ”They don’t want you having Thanksgiving, they don’t want you having Christmas, they don’t want you having Easter and they don’t want you having a 4th of July. They don’t want you having anything.”

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Trump was so right. The elites and people like Dr. Fauci and other dem leaders are using this Covid crisis as an excuse to ban these holidays. At Thanksgiving time Fauci warned that people should stay home and not visit families for fear of spreading the virus to others. Colleges had students stay in their dormitories and not go home and just see family members over social media. Now as Christmas approaches Fauci put it in Biden’s head that even more people will fall prey to the virus as many as 200,000 could come down with it and many more will die from it, therefore, people should not travel over this holiday.

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They are taking away our culture and holidays by degree gradually so we eventually accept it. When Easter and the Fourth of July come around they will say the same thing. Bill Gates has said this virus won’t be over until 2022. How does he know? They are using fear to control us for their new World Order or as they call it “The Great reset.”

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Department Stores have banned the words Merry Christmas in the idea as not to offend anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas in our diverse society. Trump was bringing that back in fact President Trump on Friday signed an order giving federal workers a paid day off work on Christmas Eve. The news was a welcome surprise for workers who expected at most a half day.

 I read of a recent incident where a mother and her child were in a store and an employee wished them “Merry Christmas.’ ’They must have been immigrants because the mother complained that her son was devastated and said, “Mom does this mean we are not Americans?” She replied, “of course not. We are Americans” and proceeded to complain to the management.

A St. Anthony, Minn. resident receives an anonymous letter chastising them for their Christmas light display and calls it a reminder of “systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or can’t afford to put up lights of their own.” It further calls the lights “harmful.” A CHRISTMAS Grinch who sent an anonymous letter to a neighbor chastising them for their light display has been mocked for claiming the decorations have a “harmful impact”.

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Nurse Kim Hunt, who has “one string of lights and a lighted wreath on (her) house”, was one of at least three St. Anthony, Minnesota residents who received the “ridiculous” letter on Monday, according to her.

“The idea of twinkling, colorful lights are a reminder of divisions that continue to run through our society, a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own,” it read.

“We must do work of educating ourselves about the harmful impact an outward-facing display like yours can have.”

This is like a Christian going into a Muslim country and saying their mosques discriminate against their Christian beliefs.

Needless to say the neighbor’s letter backfired on her tremendously. Twitter users encouraged Hunt to “double your lights” and “put a whole herd of reindeer on your lawn” to spite the person who wrote the letter.

“Saw this coming a long time ago. ‘If I can’t have it nobody can’ or ‘if they have it we all deserve it’ that’s not life,” retired Baltimore Ravens quarterback Derek Anderson wrote.

Another user pointed out the irony that the writer is “doing exactly what they accuse the homeowner of doing- not being accepting of others.”

“I would redouble my lights,” they added.

On Twitter, Hunt said she was shocked when (she) opened the letter but that she “has (her) suspicions” as to who the author is.

“I guess I will be adding a lot more (lights) this weekend if I don’t end up working,” she wrote.

Here’s the house:

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Meanwhile, as the Dems and elites of the deep state work to continue to turn our country into a third world communist country with the election of Biden and Harris through a rigged election, Sidney Powell is still hard at work trying to help Trump right the wrong that was committed by them. Sidney recently appeared on Mike Huckabee’s show and stated her plans so far.

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“It’s extremely unsettling to know that American elections have been just as rigged as elections in third-world countries have been,” said attorney Sidney Powell as she continues digging into the voting systems used in the US.

“I’m sure the CIA has been involved in any number of those activities, if not here then in other places around the world,” she continued. “It may have been the CIA that created this software and programs, to begin with, and then exported it for their own use, only to have it come back to us.

“It could be that very important, powerful, extremely wealthy people were involved in rigging this election. It’s globalist interests. I mean, frankly, everyone in the world except the millions of Americans that wanted to elect Donald Trump to clean up the swamp and drain the swamp,” she said.

Voters who cast their ballots for the president didn’t want “this world to continue the way it was, with them having all the power and working behind the scenes to rig elections and everything else so that they could profit from their own nefarious activities” Powell went on.

“I mean, it’s massive. I’m sure the media companies are involved in it, too,” she said. She noted that on election night, it appeared that media companies coordinated to stop reporting on returns and for swing states to stop counting ballots at nearly the same time.

“This isn’t the first time it’s happened, Mike. We don’t even know how many elections have been rigged under the software,” she noted further. 

Biden did not win this election because Americans voted for him, he won because the democrats and the China government stole this election with illegal, unsolicited, mail-in votes And voter fraud…Dead people voting…fake votes in suitcases or mail trucks…more votes then there are people in certain counties…The election has way too many impossible numbers like Biden winning more votes than Obama…never happen…like the Dems losing 12 seats in the house but Biden still gets enough votes to win President ??? This stuff doesn’t make any sense …and there are many more numbers that prove this election is an impossibility and the results are a big lie…

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