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Just In: Supreme Court Rejects Texas Case Hoping to Overturn Election Results

The Supreme Court denied Friday a Texas case that hoped to overturn the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The court found that Texas did not have standing to intervene in the election processes of other states and issued a single-page rejection.

“Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the rejection reads as the court ends Texas v. Pennsylvania et al with a single blow.

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  1. Why did the Supreme Court Justices declare no “STANDING” in the Texas’ (et. al supporting) lawsuit against states where evidence shows massive voting fraud took place? Voter fraud in any state(s) that reaps a false outcome can disenfranchise other states if it generates enough electoral votes to award victory to the wrong candidate. The Court screwed up royally here.

  2. This is not the communists first rodeo. They are highly trained and skilled professionals. They have taken over countries all over the world and this is to be their crowning jewel. The only thing they have to worry about is how many spineless cowardly piece of @#$% American politicians and judges are they going to have to buy or give the death threat to to get them to comply. It seems almost obvious here that the supreme court has already had the death threats given to them and their families. With God all things are possible, but you have to wonder with America permitting the eliminating from just about everything the reference of His name and the Millions of slaughtered innocents along with now the so called same sex marriage law, He might finally have had enough and could be saying ” you wanted it, you shall have it.” Of course I pray and will continue to pray till my last breath that He forgive us and have mercy on us and drive satan/democraps back to hell where they belong. While it is reassuring to know that record numbers of people stood up for what is right and voted Trump to stay in office and lead us, but it is still sad to see all the people blindly following what the communist media tells them like blind sheep thinking that if they say it, it must be true because they are the news and they have to report the truth. They don’t even realize that the media just overwhelmingly helped to steal an election blantantly right in front of their faces.

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