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Florida Lawyer Who Said He Is Moving To Georgia To Vote In Senate Runoffs Under Investigation: Report

A Florida attorney is under investigation after saying he would temporarily register to vote in Georgia to cast a ballot in the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections, according to Fox News.

Bill Price earlier this month made a speech to a local Republican party group in which he proclaimed his desire to move to the battleground state and change his voter registration, Fox news reported, citing a now-deleted Facebook video. Georgia authorities said that moving a place of residence for the express purpose of voting is a felony, according to Fox.

“If we lose the Senate on Jan. 5 in Georgia, we will become Venezuela,” Price told a crowd of Republicans, according to Fox. “And I will invite each and every one of you to be my roommate in Georgia. I’m changing my voter registration right now, and I’m inviting two million people to be my roommate.”

The Florida lawyer was heard on video giving the crowd the address of his brother who resides in Georgia, Fox reported.

“It’s only for a couple months,” he said, according to Fox. “We’ll have buses leaving right out here, going to Atlanta the day before Jan. 5 and I might need you guys to help me move back to Florida on Jan. 6

Georgia officials stated that “only permanent residents are eligible to vote” in the runoffs that will determine the balance of power in the Senate, Fox reported.

“An attorney should know better,” said Deidre Holden, chair of the Board of Elections in Paulding County, where the lawyer talked about registering to vote. “This is fraud, especially after his speech on Facebook.”

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  1. That I know of, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang was the first to suggest people move temporarily to Georgia in order to vote in the Senate runoff election in January. I’ve looked but have not found one story saying that Yang was being investigated. Is that because he is a Democrat? What gives? Of course it is fraud to do this but I would think that if Dems do it why can’t Repubs do it too? Repubs get investigated and Dems do not? That is a bunch of bs.

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