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College essays are an integral part of what is required before you are given admission into a college. Most students are always jittery and tensed up when it comes to writing a good college essay. Essay writing help can come from different sources such as paying a resource person, friends, family members or even online community platforms whereby writers interact and offer ideas on different essay topics.

The truth is having an idea on how to present a good and logical essay is very helpful. When you are offered admission, essay writing is an important aspect of English language and it is being offered as a compulsory course in most colleges. So knowing how to share your ideas, tell a story about your life experiences or bringing a fantasy thought into a realistic world on paper is very important.

Let us have a good overview of what we expect from college essays. Most colleges usually ask their students who intend to be admitted to write an essay on why they should be offered admission. This serves as an avenue to directly and honestly convey your reasons why you earnestly desire to be offered admission into them. This is a great opportunity to reveal who you are, your character and aspirations in life.

Also, beware that the compositions usually have a word limit between 650-500 words. Then they may be other guidelines on formatting style to be used. When you know all these, you can decide to tell a direct story on why you need this admission. It can go a long way in helping you as these essays are different from your qualifications or resume being earlier submitted and it doesn’t also reflect your grades.

It is of utmost importance to know the features that make up a good college essay. This will serve as a guide to know what they require of you when writing and submitting your college essay. This article has analyzed the characteristics of most college essays including some top institutions in the world and has come up with five unique features that you must observe and include in order to write a great college essay to stand a better chance of gaining admission. Read through them and note them carefully. 

  1. Rumination is important: A deep thought about your personal self is very important and must be shown in your essay. How do you achieve this? Generally English essays do not use the first person pronoun “I” but in college essays its personal and a lot of “I” is required. Most colleges are interested in the “You person” they want to hear your views and know your personal perspectives about different aspects of life. You can’t write a great college essay without it being highly introspective. They simply want you to tell them who you are, what you think and what you intend to become.
  2. Honesty is required: This is one of the major problems students encounter when they decide to look for essay writing help. When your essay is based on someone’s experience or another person’s story. It is seen as plagiarism, although it is hidden and most times the college admission officers can detect that you portray a false story. Don’t lie about anything, be real and say who you are. There is a common adage that says “honesty is the best policy”. Stick to being original about your ideas shared.
  3. Have a focal point: The little 500-600 words limit you are being given should tell you directness and straight to the point matters on the story you intend telling. This means that when you make up your mind on an angle you wish to share and definitely focus on it giving concise details about them. Avoid going off track in your ideas and don’t worry if you are not able to convey every fantastic experience you intend sharing. Take note that you have a limited word count and you must stick to it.
  4. Be original: How do you define originality? We can simply say it means standing out and being different from others among the masses. The same is required of your college essay. The first step to being original is finding out what others intend to write and avoiding the common topics. Write on a topic other students aren’t interested in and simply tell yourself that you don’t want to write what is common but something that will captivate the reader’s mind and stand out distinctively.

It must be well written: They are online tools such as Evernotes, Essay Map that offer free essay writing help to your essays. It is another compulsory aspect to consider because every successful essay must be well written, and a well written essay implies that it should be precise grammatically, have a style and be free from errors. Also sentences should be well constructed into short and precise paragraphs which are properly arranged.

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