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Trump Derangement Syndrome In Election Corruption

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Like Judas of old, they lie and deceive. But I see through their eyes and I see through their brains like I see through the water that runs down my drain”—Bob Dylan, Masters of War,—1967

There used to be a time when if one party lost they would pick themselves up by the bootstraps and try to win next time. In the meantime, both parties would work together for the good of the country. It seems those days are long gone. Today’s democrat party is their way or no way. They know they can’t win in the arena of ideas so they have to cheat.

In the 2016 election when Trump won the democrat party and their willing accomplices in the media’s s minds all were triggered like no tomorrow. They couldn’t get over it. Their super corrupt Hillary was supposed to win. They all wanted access to that crooked foundation of hers where only five percent went to charity. There was a lot of money and power to be made there. When they lost they went crazy. Psychologists labeled that mentality “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” They attacked him, his family, and kids unmercifully. They vowed not to report anything positive about him. For four years they plotted and schemed to overthrow his presidency. Four years of undisputed hate and rage coming from their mouths and now they attack conservatives for questioning their party’s corruption?

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 Obama left us with such a mess and Trump was cleaning it up again and making us great again as he said. Now Joe is going to bring all that back. He said he was going to undo all of Trump’s executive orders and take back the Iran deal. That means that 158 billion dollars and an additional 1.8 billion Obama sent to Iran, the country that shouts “Death to America,” will be unfrozen and they will be able to manufacture a nuclear weapon that they want.  Biden said he was going to lift the travel ban on Muslim countries. Thanks, Joe, let terrorists in again. Biden said he would raise taxes after Trump gave us the biggest tax cut in history and people had more money in their paychecks. Trump had the highest share of non-white voters in 60 years, now we’re going to fall right back into the Obama mess again.

The Dems tried Russian collusion, that didn’t work. They tried impeachment and that didn’t work so they resorted to corrupt the election. Democrats know they can’t win in the arena of ideas so they have to cheat.

Trump had to do everything on his own. These people never helped him one bit. He did everything to fight the virus on his own without any help while the mainstream media just lied and fabricated things about him,  twisted around everything he said, and censored all he did so everyone thought he was the worst thing that ever lived when nothing could be further from the truth.  With the virus, Trump put a travel ban on China after the first death here. Biden called him racist and xenophobic for doing that and later said he should have done it earlier. Trump got the CEO’s of various companies to manufacture ventilators and masks and gowns for hospitals. Trump filled the Javits Center in New York with 3000 beds for patients and got the giant hospital ships here in record time. For those who like to blame Trump for the Covid deaths, they should subtract 30,000 from that number because that’s how many died after Andrew Cuomo put them in nursing homes instead of the Javits center so that’s on his head, not Trump’s. Trump got a movement together to rush to get a vaccine for everyone all while the Democrats sat on their hands doing nothing and criticized him and thought of ways to impeach him. To hell with the virus and country.  Now Cuomo has stated publicly he sorry the vaccine came under Trump. Hey, Andrew, if we waited for Biden and your Dems hundreds more might have died since you said it would be at least a year before one was developed.

Trump was very sincere, funny with his comments, strong in his beliefs, told you like it was with no sugar coating, very caring about his country and its’ people, and stood up to people and these world leaders. His rallies were tons of fun and I’m sure Joe will be boring and dangerous. I can’t see him or Kamala standing up to Putin in Russia, Kim in North Korea, and Chi in China like Trump did. They’ll probably sell us out as Hunter did. Trump said if Biden got in China will own us and he is right.

When President Donald Trump held campaign rallies, condemnations flew that the rallies for potentially spreading COVID-19, and they were labeled “super-spreader” events. But, on Saturday, then thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators took to the streets of major cities following the news media’s announcement that Democrat Joe Biden was the winner of the presidential election, the mainstream media withheld its disapproval.

Various Trump officials tweeted about the election fraud and mass Biden gatherings.

Marco Rubio said, “And suddenly people  gathering in large crowds and not social distancing is no longer considered irresponsible by the media.”

Kayleigh McEnany said, “Where is @JoeBiden calling on the massive Super Spreader events held in his name to end? President @realDonaldTrumpwas WRONGFULLY impeached, UNLAWFULLY spied on. His supporters were demonized, attacked, & marginalized, We were called deplorable, irredeemable CHUMPS! Now we are expected to roll over & unite behind Joe Biden without asking questions? NOPE

Rep.Jim Jordan tweeted  “Let me get this straight. Democrats want us to forget what they did to: -Michael Flynn -Brett Kavanaugh -Carter Page -George Papadopoulos -KT McFarland -The President and his family?”

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted

“America Won’t Trust Elections Until The Voter Fraud Is Investigated

If all the evidence of voter fraud is not investigated and properly accounted for, half of America will believe the election is a fraud no matter who wins.”

Donald Trump jr. further tweeted, “America needs to use the nonsense that has going on during this election cycle to fully examined and fix a broken and corrupted system. If there’s nothing wrong they won’t find anything, though they seem to be finding a lot. “

Governor Kristi Noem

“If Joe Biden really wants to unify this country, he should wait until we can ensure that we had a fair election.”

MikePence: “it ain’t over til it’s over.. and this AIN’T over!” President @realDonaldTrump has never stopped fighting for us and we’re gonna Keep Fighting until every LEGAL vote is counted! “

Mark R. Levin:

” Attention media!  Why are you claiming Biden is president-elect when not a single state has certified electors?  Why are you ignoring the Constitution?”

Reagan Battalion

“Last night: Thousands of @JoeBiden supporters including @Bill deBlasio & @chuck schumer are dancing on the streets squeezed together like sardines, 5 miles down the road NYS agents are handing out COVID fines to struggling Jewish shop owners in Brooklyn.”

This was recently sent to me by a good source.  It reads nicely and gives hope.  We pray that Trump was as smart as we think he is by being prepared.  You never underestimate Trump and he hates to lose.

On Election night, Trump and his campaign team assembled in the Eisenhower Building just west of the White House to watch the results come in.

What is there, is A SCIF. Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. (SCIF).  The kind used by Army intelligence cybersecurity division.

They were monitoring the fraud in real-time. They knew which states were using the voting machines loaded with HAMMER & SCORECARD. (Software developed for the CIA to manipulate voter tallies remotely in foreign elections.)

It was just deployed against the American people.

Dr. Charlie Ward (Currency Broker & Hotel Contractor – Trump Insider) describes the deployment of this Sting Operation to trap those involved in election theft.

The Federalized National Guard were pulling around the clock duty in at least 16 states to trap these monsters. All the swing states currently involved in the theft are on the list.

The SCOTUS ordered all ballots received after the deadline in Pennsylvania be segregated from those received on time. There will be a ballot audit.

Recounts are conducted by the same people/election boards as the first count. Audits are conducted by armed fraud investigators. State Legislators pick electors.

Republicans control both houses of the PA State Congress.

Guess who controls both Houses of State Legislatures in the other swing states?

 You guessed it…Republicans. Check Mate.

In a nutshell. This is going to the Supreme Court. Where, I believe, they will rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a countrywide scale.  It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail-in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote.

This is where it gets good. If the election is invalidated, the house/congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every State’s congregation gets one vote. 30 States have a majority of Republican Representatives while 19 have a Democrat majority. The Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar event will take place.  This is the law.

This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election and that will never happen. So stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. President Trump will remain President.   I have researched all of this and it is Fact!

Another fun fact, they called Gore the President-Elect for 30 days in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner. And two people that were part of Bush’s legal team were none other than new Supreme Court Justices, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed?” Jon Roberts was also on the Bush team then.

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Now you know why Trump was playing golf this weekend!

Prey for Trump. Prey to win!

Click on the link for info on the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.(SCIF)


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