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Liberals have Become The Very Thing They Always Loathed

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Liberals have always been proponents of peace and love, so they say.  They said you shouldn’t call people names. They said you shouldn’t make fun of people’s weight.  They said you shouldn’t make fun of people’s looks. Except when it comes to Donald Trump or anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Disagree with a liberal black person and you’re a racist, disagree with a liberal gay person and you’re homophobic, disagree with a liberal woman and you’re sexist, disagree with a liberal in general and you’re a Nazi and fascist and in the dark ages to boot.

When it comes to Trump they said how fat he was and they called him the orange man.  Trump hater Anderson Cooper called Trump a fat turtle saying “That is the President of the United States, that is the most powerful person in the world, and we see him like an obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over, but he just hasn’t accepted it and he wants to take everybody down with him, including this country.” Hey Anderson and you fellow Dems and libs, I thought you said it wasn’t nice to call people names and criticize their weight. You guys have become the very thing you always loathed.

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While this election drags on four republican women took seats away from Democrats in the senate. Stephanie Bice beat  Oklahoma’s only Democratic Congresswoman, Kendra Thorn. Minnesota’s Michelle Fishbach unseated Rep. Collin Peterson. Nancy Mace took out Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC), and Maria Elvira Salazar won her race against Florida Rep. Donna Shalala. Democrats often say Republicans are sexist. Some have even claimed that’s why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. It’s clear that’s not the case. A party that hates women would not continue to put them in positions of power. The election results destroyed another radical Left narrative.

Trump-hating late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said “It is unimaginable to me that close to half of American voters saw what this man has done to this country over the last four years,” citing Trump’s diplomatic relationships with Putin and Kim Jung-Un, how he “alienated the free press,” and refused to reveal his tax returns.

 “He is a liar and a cheat who wants them to stop counting thousands of legitimate votes, and almost half of us are apparently okay with that,” Kimmel said. “Half of us want to keep it going four more years.  

The late-night host unapologetically supports Joe Biden over the president, “What more did Trump have to do to show us that he’s insane and not fit to lead this country? I feel like I overestimated the American people.”

Hey Jimmy, I can’t believe that ANYONE voted for Biden let alone half the country! A man who is cognitively challenged, weak, frail and gets people confused, doesn’t know where he is half the time and says he will probably leave due to health conditions after six months and put Kamala and her communist ways in charge making us a socialist/communist state.

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Hey Jimmy, Trump got Kim to stop firing missiles over Japan and cut back on his nuclear program, he freed 40 hostages without paying a cent unlike your guy Obama who gave the terrorists 150 billion dollars and 1.8 billion in cash flown on two planes in the dead of night to free the Iranian hostages. Hey Jimmy Trump has done  more for blacks and Hispanics in this country than any other president including your guy Obama who was supposed to do everything for them and did nothing.  Trump brought peace to the Middle East with them signing treaties and is ending these endless wars and our troops are coming home. Trump lowered prescription drug prices for seniors and would lower them for everyone with this favored nation status, but I guess we can forget that with Biden since all our meds come from China and China owns Biden.

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I really don’t care about Trump’s tax returns. It’s what he accomplished that matters. So don’t go saying he pulled the country down. Wait until you see what happens under Biden since China now owns him along with Russia and Ukraine.

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 With Biden/Harris wins I wonder when we will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, Iranian nuke deal, reinstate NAFTA, tear down the wall, open borders to illegal immigration, shut down the economy, mandate masks, and more.

It totally amazes me the lack of faith in Trump after all he’s done and how he’s beaten the left every time they’ve attacked him. Trump is going beat all this fraud and he will break the power of the Democratic Party and this worthless media. The entire system is corrupt, the ballots, the Democratic Party, the media. The American public will never accept Biden as President when we all know it was stolen by the leftist communist party. Trump won this on election night we all knew it, saw it and we all know it. The thieves came in the night and stole if from Trump. Conservatives have no faith when something like this happens. Trump is a counter puncher and we are going to see a lot of fireworks. Trump will pull this off because he’s relentless and he doesn’t like losing.

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Meanwhile, the corrupt one-sided destroy Trump media says there is no fraud, and Trump’s claims are baseless. Yeah right. They’re none so blind as those who will not see and of course media bias.  Thousands of ballots discovered in areas where there are more ballots than residents voting, poll watchers not being allowed in to observe and five states shutting down simultaneously for three hours in the dead of night where Trump was ahead and suddenly Biden pulls ahead, many dead people voting, mail-in ballots that arrived late being postmarked with the previous date. Yeah, there’s no fraud. There’s going to be a lot of angry Trump voters out there.

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Trump called it right back in May when he said, “The United States cannot have all Mail-In Ballots. It will be the greatest Rigged Election in history. People grab them from mailboxes, print thousands of forgeries and ‘force’ people to sign. Also, forge names. Some absentee is OK, when necessary. Trying  to use Covid for this Scam!” 

The Democrats opened up the door for fraud with their last-minute unnecessary changes to mail-in ballots.

Now America is paying the price.

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