The Most Frightening Thing…

During that shameful period when President Trump was being framed and investigated by Democrats, the FBI and the CIA, and when he was being persecuted on a daily basis for the lie of Russian collusion, the leftist press, and his radical Democrat accusers, at least appeared to be interested in the law and protecting America from foreign enemies and corrupt politicians.

But if any proof were necessary to convince us that they were just trying to crush the political threat that Donald Trump presented to them, and that they cared not at all about the law and the numerous foreign threats to our freedom and prosperity, the Joe Biden/Tony Bobulinski incident has brought it home to Americans in flying colors: all the American left is interested in is raw political power and the subversion of our constitution’s first amendment protection of a free press and freedom of speech for Americans.

All of the “evidence” of Trump collusion with Russia was either false and was generated by forces allied against him, and the “evidence” that fools like Adam Schiff raged about all the time did not exist at all. But we now have plenty of real and actual evidence and documented proof, via Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and documents provided by the Biden corporate advisor, Tony Bobulinski, that presidential candidate Joe Biden was exchanging the influence his name and position in the Obama administration could provide, for money from foreign powers. But the press, instead of investigating their Democrat preference for the Oval Office, chooses to spike the story so the American citizens and voters will hopefully not find out about this scandal that identifies the idiot Biden as a person who has positioned himself so he could be blackmailed into doing the bidding of China, and likely Russia and Ukraine as well, if he were to become president.

And it’s especially pointed that during this last week of October leading to a general election on November 3rd, the press is refusing to even discuss the scandal and is anxious to keep voters from learning about the Chinese making personal and shady financial deals with the Biden family, some of which dealings were contrary to then-current U.S. laws and to the security of the United States.

And when you include into the equation the fact that the Democrat party is proposing Socialist/Communist policies and legislation if they get the presidency and achieve a majority in the Senate, this is the most important and dangerous election of our nation’s history, and Democrats must be kept from gaining the power that they are willing to obtain by any means necessary.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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