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A Judicial Hearing And Trump Rally Amidst A Pandemic: Part 2

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On the second day of Amy Barret’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, she has proven herself to be very articulate, with a keen sharp memory and staying calm and cool in the face of adversaries. She’s very classy to the classless democrat senators and proved she’s way too smart to take the bait and fall for their liberal traps.  On Tuesday she delivered a much-needed lesson on the law to the senators on the commission interrogating her.

Senator John Cornyn asked her about her notes saying how he and other members of the commission have papers of notes in front of them and she only has a pad. He asked her what was on that pad and she held up a blank pad. He asked her what was written on the pad and she said to him, “It says United States Government” Cornyn smiled and said he was impressed with that answer and that’s how it went the rest of the day. Barret showed she can answer concisely and to the point without any notes in front of her and can come back with quick answers to her questioners.

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When Senator Ben Sasse asked Amy why judges wear black robes she not only said it was to show unity and an unbias among the judges but proceeded to give a short history of the origins of black robes going back to the 1700s and gave names and dates off the top of her head. Without any notes in front of her

Democrats on the other hand are so filled with hate and rage that this is happening now that Chuck Schumer said he will not advance a quorum to see that she is nominated.

Today’s hearing dealt mostly with Amy’s views on the Affordable Care Act and her having the late Judge Scalia as a mentor and her filling justice Ginsburg’s seat. Judging by the way they kept bringing up Justice Ginsburg’s name it was like they can’t accept the fact that she’s gone and her seat is now vacant and a Trump appointee is filling it.

Senator Amy Klobuchar called the hearing a sham and they should be concentrating on covid relief. She called the hearing a rush to put a justice in and should wait until after the election. Hey Senator Klobuchar, take that up with Nancy Pelosi, she’s the one holding up covid funds until after the election. Klobuchar showed a tweet from Trump that said it would be a big win for the court to overturn Obamacare and that millions of people depend on it especially those with pre-existing conditions. She wanted to know what Amy thought about that.

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Amy responded that she hasn’t seen the presidents tweet on twitter or spoken to him or anyone about hat and that she was 100% committed to independence and the power of the law. She said she has no problem with the ACA.

Again these senators are completely missing the point since Trump has said millions of times his plan will always include people with pre-existing conditions.

Klobuchar noted that Barret’s mentor was Judge Scalia  and she clerked for him and he was against the ACA and Barrett was opposed to Judge Roberts who was for it.

Klobuchar also noted that Amy wrote an article saying felons shouldn’t have the right to vote and that right belongs to virtuous citizens.. That is true and I agree with that and Amy responded that that right is a civic right and that’s how the Supreme Court wrote it.

Klobuchar closed by saying that the fact that Ginsburg is not on the seat now is frightening to many Americans. Klobuchar just can’t get over she’s gone. Yes she’s gone senator and not coming back so get over it and move on toward the future and let’s fill this seat.

Among those hoping to thwart her confirmation is Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), who argued that Barrett should be disqualified from the bench due to her “extreme views,” as Fox News reported. He continued, “She has taught at a well-regarded law school, she clerked for Justice Scalia. But she has views that make her not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.”

Contrary to Coons’ insinuation that Barrett’s views will translate to judicial activism on the court, the judge made clear during her opening statement on Monday that she shares the same judicial philosophy as the late Justice Antonin Scalia: judges “must apply the law as written, not as the judge wishes it were.” Coons also wanted to set back the nomination until after the election and do to Trump’s determination to do away with the ACA. These dems are all hoping against hope that  Trump loses the election, but it is looking less likely that is going to happen and their guy Biden is getting worse and worse each day both physically and mentally.

 Later on that day in the evening President Trump held another massive crowd filled rally in Johnstown, Penn. Trump will hold five rallies this week and will add more on each day having two on Friday.

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Entering to his signature entrance song, Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” and throwing hats out to the crowd, Trump addressed the podium and said, “If Biden wins, China wins and all the other countries will rip us off. if we win then America wins.”

Trump said how he is ending these endless wars and bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He praised Amy Comey Barrett and said she’s doing a marvelous job and making a great impression.

 He mentioned that the wall is now 392 miles so far and 25,000 Mexican troops are guarding it on the other side preventing people from sneaking in.

Trump went on to say how we’ve created 11 million new jobs in the last five months and that is with a pandemic. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high and we have reversed the damage Biden has done in the last 47 years of his career. “In fact, I have done more in 47 months than Biden’s done in  47 years,” Trump told the cheering crowd. He urged the Pennsylvania governor to open his state.

An interesting side statistic is that you consider we’ve been around for 244 years and Biden has been in office 47 of those 244 years so do the math.

Trump warned that Biden will destroy your social security as he gives it to illegal aliens. “Biden cares more about illegal aliens than his own citizens,” Trump said. Trump warned that a Biden Administration will take away your guns, do away with gas and oil with their green new deal and raise your taxes .

Trump has a rally scheduled for Iowa on Wednesday, a rally in Greenville, North Carolina on Thursday and two rallies on Friday. One in Ocala, Florida and one in Macon ,Ga. While Trump gets 30 thousand out to his rallies, Biden is lucky if he gets 30.

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