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What Are The Pros And Cons of a Motorcycle Trip?

Traveling is a great way to learn about new cultures, visit beautiful landscapes, taste delectable cuisines, and make new friends in different parts of the world. And when you travel on a two-wheeler, it gives you a much more memorable experience that you will never forget in life. As the summer approaches, all the free and adventurous souls begin planning about a road trip to some mesmerizing destination within the country or situated in some other part of the world. The benefits of motorcycling are many from having a more up-close experience of the landscapes and traveling on off roads to making more friends and exploring more places on less budget. Besides the advantages of biking, there are some challenges and risks too with this wonderful experience. But these challenges could not stop people from going on the open road on their bikes. Good planning and adequate safety measures like carrying safety gear with you are all you need to avoid those challenges to some extent. This article will enlighten you about some pros and some cons of road tripping on a motorcycle in detail.

Pros of road tripping on a motorcycle:


Road tripping on a motorcycle gives you accessibility to places where cars couldn’t reach. You can travel on jeep tracks on your motorcycle but cars are unable to travel on these tracks. Moreover, even the smallest car available can’t traverse like a motorcycle does on small tracks. You can travel on off-road tracks on a motorcycle which allows you to see some of the hidden treasures of this beautiful nature. Besides easy maneuvering on a two-wheeler, your park could also be parked very easily in smaller spaces. You will also need less camping spot when you are on a classic American ride. Also, in some countries, it is legal for motorcycles to cross lanes, which can help a motorcyclist to keep a road trip running smoothly even when traffic is prevalent.

More economical:

Road tripping on a car is economical than traveling by air and road-tripping on a two-wheeler is a lot more economical than going on a car. Even the most efficient car cannot beat the mileage of a motorcycle. Moreover, you will have to pay less for parking on a motorcycle. Also, the maintenance of a motorcycle is very easy and less expensive.


Another great pro of motorcycling is that you can get from one place to another in a way that is considered a sport, a hobby, and even a way of life. There is a great thrill involved in motorcycling. Motorcycles offer riders an open and free feeling that not even convertible cars can offer. You can feel every ray of sun, every raindrop, the smell of followers along the side of the road, and every rush of wind while riding down the highway. Moreover, all motorcycle tourists consider themselves a member of a motorcycling community and always help in the time of need and wave at you while passing by.

Cons of riding a motorcycle:


Safety is the reason some people skip the idea of traveling on a motorcycle because if you meet an accident your body is much more exposed than if you are road-tripping by car. Also, you do not have someone to keep you awake while riding a bike. In the event of a crash, the car is much safer and it absorbs a lot of the damage before the person is injured. But motorcycles are less safer and the impact of the accident will most likely be felt directly by the rider. Moreover, on motorcycles, you are more vulnerable to the mercy of extreme weather like landslides, heavy rain, cold, fatigue, mud, stones, wind, storm; these situations can cost you your life or at least make you have a hard day on a two-wheeler. However, you can decrease the risk of getting serious injuries in such situations if you are wearing motorcycle safety gear.


Limited storage capacity is also one of the major set back of traveling on a motorcycle. Cars and trucks can store many times more than a motorcycle. No doubt you can enhance the storage capacity of your motorcycle by adding saddlebags, tail bags, tank bags, sissy bar bags, and seat luggage but still, these storages can’t match the capacity of a trunk.

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