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‘If Biden wins, China wins’: Trump Rally In Freeland, Michigan

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President Trump held a rally in Freeland, Michigan on Thursday to a packed airplane hangar of an estimated 15,000 avid Trump supporters with thousands more outside watching on the Jumbotron.

Trump told the crowd that Biden has surrendered our jobs and companies to China and his son Hunter has recently sold a company to China, “if Biden wins, China wins and China will surely own us,” Trump warned the crowd, “if Biden wins the mob wins and looting, rioting and burning will continue. If we win, America wins,” Trump added to the cheers of the crowd.

Trump told a humorous story about how Biden recently appeared on CNN and Jake Tapper asked him which was better NAFTA or the USMCA. Biden responded USMCA. To which Tapper was surprised, and had to ask him again in a different way, “Biden doesn’t know what he says even though he was right this time,” Trump said to laughter from the crowd.

Trump told the crowd how Biden and Harris want to eliminate borders, raise your taxes, eliminate jobs, do away with your second amendment rights and increase refugees in here by 700%, “They want to get rid of me so they can get rid of you.” Trump said and told how they want to open the flood gates in the middle of a pandemic.

Trump told how Biden’s platform is not really his platform but he platform of Bernie Sanders, AOC +3, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. “They want 4 trillion in tax increases and take away your energy with their Green New Deal,” Trump warned the crowd. Trump said they now have 311 miles of border wall finished which received a huge cheer from the crowd and chants of “USA, USA, USA.”

Trump told how the murder rate in Chicago, New York, Portland, and other cities is now greater than Afghanistan. He also informed the crowd that China is giving us 10’s of billions of dollars every month due to his tariffs on them and he gave 28 billion to our farmers who have been ripped off by China for decades. “Biden’s agenda is ‘made in China. Mine is ‘made in the U.S.A” Trump said to loud cheering, “I’ve done more in 47months than he has in 47years,” Trump said in closing.

This Saturday Trump had scheduled a rally in Reno, Nevada and Sunday in Las Vegas, but those have been canceled by the Nevada airport authority. He still has rallies planned in Wisconsin and Minnesota next week. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe Biden stays in his basement and comes out on occasion like the groundhog and answers questions from a teleprompter.

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