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Guide to Bonfire Essentials

Bonfires are something that every person should experience. Bonfires include something for everyone; warmth, snacks, drinks, and being surrounded by friends and family. They do require some work. Wood is paramount and the purchase of food and drinks are something that is a necessity. Most importantly, outdoor furniture is essential to having a good bonfire experience. People do not want to be sitting on buckets or old chairs. If people are not comfortable during a bonfire, they will not have a good time and there is a good chance they will not be back for another one.

The thing about bonfires is that there are different ways that one can have them. There are fire pits, made of both stone or steel. People can have the bonfires in their yard, their deck, their patio, under the gazebo, or even have it set up in a pergola. It is all based on what aesthetically feels the best and what makes everyone the most comfortable. People want their bonfires set in a location where they do not have to shout loudly to hear each other talk. That makes the location of the bonfire itself important. The enclosed bonfires are always the ones that seem to be the biggest hit.

The biggest setbacks people will have when conducting a bonfire are keeping the fire alive and mosquitos. Keeping the fire alive is something that does not come naturally to some people. It can take time to know when to put more wood on the fire or squirt lighter fluid on it. The mosquitos are a much bigger problem in the summer. The weather can be an unforgiving enemy to a perfectly planned bonfire get together. As everyone knows, mother nature does not care if people have their plans perfectly put together.

There are ways to try and combat these unwanted setbacks. When the fire is starting to die, that is when one should place another piece of wood in. Just make sure it is not a thick piece as it may suffocate the fire and kill it. As it pertains to weather and insects, there are simple ways to mitigate those issues. The best way to get rid of those problems would be to have an enclosed place where the bonfire would be. If the bonfire is on a deck, make use of that retractable roof. Hosting a bonfire and insects are just a couple reasons to think of ideas for closing in a pergola or enclosing patios or gazebos. That way, rain or snow, a bonfire is always available. 

In the end, bonfires are a great way to bring people together and enjoy each other’s company. The way people enjoy them varies but in the end, the sense of community and togetherness is what draws people to a bonfire. Whether it is the share in laughter, the food, the drinks, or the warmth of the fire that hits one in the face. No matter where it is held, everyone can enjoy it.

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