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When Do You Need the Help of a Private Detective?

Most of us don’t like to think of the world as a place that is full of dishonest, corrupt and fraudulent people. The problem is, more often than we would like, we have to face such people or deal with the problems they create for us.

It is during these types of situations that you require the help of the best private investigator in Toronto. Identity thefts, infidelity, investment scams, corporate espionage, are just some of the situations when people take the help of private investigators. On behalf of the aggrieved party, the private investigators collect evidence and offer the best possible outcomes to the clients.

In the following section of this article, we have gathered some of the situations where you need the help of the private investigators. Read on.

Suspected Infidelity

Do you think your spouse is having an affair? There is no doubt that such an incident is mentally devastating and painful for anyone. Some of the telling signs that can indicate an affair is, some odd expenses, non-existent or reduced sex life, unnecessary secrecy about their schedule, lot of lies and a complete breakdown of the communication lines.

Of course, there might be some rational explanation for all of that. That is what the experienced private investigators of reputed companies can help you to find out.

They can discreetly find out the real facts and information about the inexplicable things, and give you the truth about it all. Most of the time, the private investigators take photos and video evidence to help you understand the situation better.

Child Custody

Fighting for the child’s custody is one of the most common things that divorced couples go through. Every parent wants to win the custody battle and do what’s best for their kids. However, to win the case, you will need iron-clad facts which are also admissible to the court. Most of the child custody related investigations are conducted through GPS tracking, discrete observations and covert videos.

The private investigators can serve as the witness on your side in the court and offer the facts that are otherwise impossible to prove. If you take the help of the right organisation, even a complicated case can become a simple trial.

Finding Out The Hidden Assets

More often than not, spouses hide their assets from their counterparts just before filing for a divorce. Most of the time, they are so angry with each other or disenchanted, that they decide that their spouses do not deserve a piece of the wealth that they have conjured up over the years.

Even though the law does not support this type of behavior, most of the time they cannot do anything about it as it is almost impossible to prove in the court. Just think, if your spouse stows away the artwork or simply transfers all the money to the offshore accounts, it is almost impossible for you to find out about it.

The best private investigator in Toronto can, however, do that job without any problems. They can check the digital footprint of your spouse and follow the money trail to find out all the secrets. The best thing about it is, the private detective can prove it in the court by taking the stand in the court.


Are you the owner of a small business? Do you handle all the financial details yourself? If the answers to these questions are nugatory, chances are that some of your employees are stealing money from you. Studies show that about 35% of small businesses are suffering or have suffered from theft.

Stealing supplies or goods is the easy one to catch. However, when it comes to fraud, it is tough for the business owners to catch the thieves. The experienced detectives of the best private investigation companies in Toronto can make this job easier for you. They can check the books and follow the money trail to find out the one who is stealing easily.

Many personal situations demand the attention and considerations of an outsider. If you ever fall in such a situation, know that it is the right time for you to seek the help of the private detectives. A professional private investigator can offer you reliable services in different difficult situations. Just do some homework to make sure that you pick the right PI Company for yourself.

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