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Does the California Lemon Law apply to boats?

Does the California Lemon Law Cover Boats with Chronic Mechanical Problems?

All 50 states across the United States enacted a Lemon Law to protect consumers if they should purchase a motor vehicle, including watercraft with, chronic mechanical problems. Lemon Laws in individual states may vary, and no states have the same laws. Lemon Laws in some states are less strict, while other states offer more stringent Lemon Laws. The State of California has some of the strictest Lemon Laws covering many different motorized vehicles, including watercraft.  

Are Chronic Mechanical Problems Covered Under the Lemon Law?

A Lemon Law protects consumers when they buy a new or used vehicle that proves to be substandard due to uncorrectable and continued mechanical problems. A branch of the Lemon Law is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This Federal Law is for consumers to gain compensation for the defective vehicle they bought that does not perform as it should, has safety concerns, and show chronic mechanic problems. 

This Act kicks in when your state’s Lemon Law does not cover your claim. You buy or lease a vehicle that has a defect that the certified mechanic cannot fix. There must be at least three repair attempts accompanied by documentation to correct the problem by the manufacturer, its agents, or an authorized dealer. This Act applies to a new vehicle, and after three times to fix the car fails, the manufacturer must replace the car or refund the purchase price to you when chronic mechanical problems remain unfixed. 

What Does California’s Lemon Law State?

California’s Lemon Law is in place to protect the consumer if they should purchase a defective auto. A Lemon means that you bought a substandard vehicle that has chronic material (s) defect. The Magnuson-Moss Warrant Act protects the buyer of any product costing more than $25.00. You must have a written warranty accompanying the defective product that does not perform as expects. This portion of California’s Lemon Law applies to boats. 

California’s Lemon Law and Boats

California’s Lemon Law applies to cars, trucks, and all watercraft forms, including yachts and jet skis. If you purchase any motor vehicle and the vehicle is defective, causing serious safety hazards, you can use the Lemon Law in California for compensation. Through your legal team’s efforts to help you understand California’s Lemon Law and your rights for the compensation you deserve. 

There specific types of boats that are covered by the Lemon Laws in California. The watercraft must have a valid warranty to pursue the Lemon Law. The following are boat types covered under this law.

  • Jet Skis
  • Catamarans
  • Speed Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Yachts
  • Motor Boats
  • Sail Boats
  • Pontoon Boats

Proving Your Boat Is a Lemon

It would help if you verified your boat defective by having chronic mechanical problems. You must present receipts of all your costs, including but not limited to boat costs, repairs, show ownership of the boat, warranty papers, decreased safety and value, show at least three visits to the mechanic seeking repair.  

If you bought a lemon watercraft or boat, then the manufacturer is required under California law to reimburse you for your costs (of the boat and the repairs) or to replace your watercraft. However, to win your case, you must prove that your craft qualifies under the Lemon Laws and that it is, indeed, a lemon. The defects cannot come from your misuse of the watercraft. No one wants to buy a lemon, but it does happen, and you must protect your assets. Keep your purchase receipt until you decide to sell or junk your watercraft. 

Ask a reputable mechanic to evaluate the boat’s condition, such as the engine, navigational and electrical systems, the hull, and more. This evaluation of your boat must be in writing and signed by the mechanic. When you buy a watercraft, be sure to ask for a written statement that the craft has no serious problems and is safe to take to the water. 

Buying a boat with minor repairs is risky because these small problems can become serious issues when not repaired. You are at risk of being stranded at sea. You know you purchased a Lemon boat because the defect does not allow you to use it as intended. If these issues decrease your watercraft’s worth to the point that you cannot use it or sell it, you may have a Lemon under California Law. 

Benefits of Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney

At the first indication of your watercraft failure, call this lawyer and set up a free no-obligation consult. You cannot enjoy the watercraft if it does not measure up in efficiency, quality, and safety, safety being the first concern. Our expertise is in California,s Lemon Law. We work tirelessly, and hard to get you a fair settlement, and if we cannot get you a fair settlement out of court, we take your case to court. We fight for your compensation professionally and effectively when we believe you have a sound argument. 

If you decide to hire this attorney to help you prove your watercraft is a lemon, there are over 20 manufacturers of craft we can go to if your boat contains defective parts or systems from any of these brands.

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