Where Is This Landslide Of Leftist Lies And Crap Coming From?

BLM, inc., a violent group that came to fame among leftists by demanding the assassination of police officers, is now being given millions of dollars by major American corporations. Where is this money going, and who at the publicly held corporations approved giving any money, let alone a fortune, to these violent, radical extremists?

American cities are exploding and burning every night, with the Democrat mayors and governors doing nothing to halt the killing and the destruction. Where has this sudden wave of Vesuvius-like hatred come from, and why are Democrats allowing it to continue? The answer to the question is that it serves Democrats’ anti-American ends and helps swerve the election toward the fool, Joe Biden.

All of a sudden, when the police forces of America’s major cities are needed the most, leftist Democrat cities are demanding that the police forces be disbanded. This is complete insanity, and one can only wonder why and how this is happening, but one can strongly suspect that it is intended to weaken America to the point of collapse as American citizens begin to distrust the direction their lives are taking.

With America’s unemployment rate running high due to the Wuhan virus, Democrats in the Biden campaign have developed plans to fully legalize as citizens, all aliens who are here already or who wish to come here. How can, suddenly and legally, transforming millions of illegal aliens into voting citizens assure any employment for existing American citizens currently out of work, and how can this mass of people assure the existence of the America that it’s existing citizens deserve to expect its leaders to support?

Recently a couple living is St. Louis, in the middle of days of rioting and burning, were forced to defend their property by brandishing fire arms when a group of marchers broke down a gate and invaded their property. This couple is now being charged with a weapons crime and their weapons have been taken from them, for what possible reason? This is completely insane when you take into account that the police were unavailable to help defend their home because of violence being handled in other parts of the city. This was an obvious case of self-defense, but Democrat prosecutors will try to imprison the couple anyway.

What logic can Democrat mayors and governors use to defend their not punishing, to the fullest extent of the law, the violence and destruction of the BLM and ANTIFA gangs? There is no tradition that they can point to that has ever allowed outlaws to beat and burn at will, but Democrat officials are establishing such a new precedent.

The Summer of 2020 will go down as the most dangerous, lawless and illogical period in American history. Our cities have been burned and looted, they have been invaded by autonomous zones, American citizens have lost their jobs due to a national shutdown and are now being lied to about how dangerous this most un-dangerous disease really is, and it’s all to keep President Trump from being re-elected in November. There can be no other choice for president than Donald Trump in 2020.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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