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Trump Goes One On One With Fox News’ Chris Wallace

trumpand ChrisWalalce

On Sunday President Trump was interviewed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace in what turned out to be a very contentious and obnoxious interview by Wallace. I say obnoxious because that’s what it was and at one point Wallace showed Trump a tweet he did where Trump referred to Wallace as nasty and obnoxious, “My own son said  ‘nasty no obnoxious yes.’ ” Wallace said to which they both had benign smiles, but the interview was both nasty and obnoxious.

Wallace, who has never been a fan of Trump, covered everything from what Trump thought of Biden, the economy, the riots in the cities, and his place in the polls. Trump has always been a counter puncher as well as being fair and if you hit him he hits back. Sunday’s interview seemed to be every bit a verbal tit for tat ping pong game.

Wallace asked Trump what he thought of the heat with them being outside when they asked if they could do the interview inside, Trump said, “I want to see you sweat.”

Wallace asked Trump what he thought of Joe Biden and Trump replied, ‘Biden doesn’t even know he’s alive. He just stays in his basement, comes out for a short interview and then goes back to his basement again.” Trump said he thought Biden was incompetent to be president.

Wallace showed Trump a Fox News poll that showed Trump trailing Biden by nine points and that most people thought Biden could handle the pandemic better than Trump and could handle the economy better than Trump and could be a better president than Trump. Even my own wife who supports Trump but considers herself a moderate said along with me, “Who are they polling?” Trump said he doesn’t believe polls and could show Wallace polls that show him ahead of Biden.

Trump went on to say that Biden is in favor of defunding the police. Wallace rudely interrupted him there saying, “Biden never said that.” Trump replied that he did say that and signed on with a report with Bernie Sanders to defund the police. Wallace then repeated insisting that he didn’t say that. At this point, a very annoyed Trump turned to an aid and said to give him the report. Trump read a few things from the report but it didn’t acknowledge that Biden said to defund the police. What Biden said was he wanted to take funds from the police and apply them to various social programs which is essentially the same as defunding the police.

Wallace moved on to the riots in the cities and asked Trump if he takes responsibility or what is happening. Trump said he takes responsibility for everything because that’s his job as president. He said the cities have been run by democrats for a long  time.”

Wallace responded that there haven’t been riots like this before and they were always run by democrats. Trump came back and said they were bad in the past, but are out of control now.


Wallace asked Trump what he thought of the coverage he’s been getting and Trump said he thought it was very unfair. Trump acknowledged that he’s done more than any other president and has been treated more unfairly than any other president. He said the Russia witch hunt was a hoax and the Muller investigation was a sham. Trump said he doesn’t like Fox anymore because they’ve changed.  When Wallace asked what he thought of him Trump said. “ You’re a good reporter but I think you lean too much towards the democrat side,” to which Wallace denied that saying he gives democrats a hard time too.

Wallace asked Trump what he thought about renaming forts that were named after confederate soldiers. “The National Defense Authorization Act, the NDAA, you have threatened to veto it because in the bill, and this was supported by Republicans as well as Democrats, it would rename army bases named for Confederate generals. Now this is a bill that funds military operations, it gives soldiers a pay raise.

TRUMP: Yeah.

WALLACE: You’re going to veto that?

TRUMP: No, because they’ll get their pay raise. Hey, look, don’t tell me this. I got soldiers the biggest pay raises in the history of our military.

WALLACE: Understood.

TRUMP: I got soldiers brand new equipment, brand new jets, brand new rockets, brand new – $2.5 trillion. I did more for the military than any president that’s ever had this office.

WALLACE: But you’re going to veto this bill?

TRUMP: Because I think that Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, all of these forts that have been named that way for a long time, decades and decades…

WALLACE: But the military says they’re for this.

TRUMP: …excuse me, excuse me. I don’t care what the military says. I do – I’m supposed to make the decision. Fort Bragg is a big deal. We won two World Wars, nobody even knows General Bragg. We won two World Wars. Go to that community where Fort Bragg is, in a great state, I love that state, go to the community, say how do you like the idea of renaming Fort Bragg, and then what are we going to name it?

We’re going to name it after the Reverend Al Sharpton? What are you going to name it, Chris, tell me what you’re going to name it? So there’s a whole thing here. We won two World Wars, two World Wars, beautiful World Wars that were vicious and horrible, and we won them out of Fort Bragg, we won out of all of these forts that now they want to throw those names away.

Wallace asked Trump about his rift between him and Dr. Fauci. Trump said he still gets along with him but said Fauci is wrong a lot of the times. He said Fauci said you don’t have to wear a mask and then later said you do have to wear a mask.  Trump said Fauci told him not to put a travel ban on China and he did. Trump said had he not put the ban on China millions of more people would have come down with this virus.


Wallace asked Trump if he was in favor of a mandate for the country to wear a mask and Trump said he wasn’t because he believed in people having the freedom to make the choices they make.

In closing Wallace asked Trump what he thought of the book his niece Mary wrote about him. Trump replied, “It was a total disgrace and a total lie. I don’t know why she did that,” he said, ”I  hardly had anything to do with her. It is really shameful.”

Trump looked haggard throughout the interview and who could blame him? He’s been through more than any president in history. No person could survive what he has been through with having the entire democrat party against you, 98% of the print and cable news media telling lies and misconstrued stories about you 24/7 and half your own party speaking out against you. Still he continues to succeed. People call him a bully. I don’t think so. I prefer to call it “tough love.” We’ve been so coddled by the damage Obama did to us and a weak President Bush before him that people have become soft. Trump is being hard to get America back to being great again and make people realize they can be a success like him if you are willing to work for it and not depend on the government for handouts all  the time.

You can watch the full interview here:

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