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The Next Leftist Threat To America’s Prosperity And Liberty

Now that Democrat mayors and governors have taken on the job of being everyone’s savior, with the opening and closing of businesses at will, and demanding that everyone wear useless facial masks that do absolutely nothing to protect one’s health against the Wuhan virus, just wait until the next cold and flu season arrives and see how readily these totalitarian fools resume the self-imposed duty of keeping their subjects “healthy” while simultaneously risking their liberty and freedom as American citizens.

But, of course, the Wuhan threat is still the fall-guy on which to blame the current stupidity of masking everyone and occasionally re-closing businesses. Democrats already have a short fuse when it comes to knowing what’s best for everyone, and they would much rather provide for everyone’s housing and nutrition rather that allow the unwashed masses to provide for themselves and be independently successful in life. Democrats are such good and caring people, don’t you know.

But until we can get more constitution-loving people into the many offices currently filled with radical-left Democrats, expect a growing wave of controls and restrictions to be placed on every aspect of our lives, now that Democrats have learned how easy it is to lock-down the formerly freest nation in the world.

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