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Pet Care: How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy Naturally

Humans love their dogs and typically treat them like family members. While dogs love this, it may not always be good for their health. Owners must recognize this and ensure they are doing everything possible to keep the dog healthy and happy naturally. How can the owner do this? It’s not as hard as some may believe.

Treat Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis strikes dogs just as it does humans. If you believe your furry friend is suffering from joint pain and discomfort, take him to the vet to learn the underlying cause. When the vet determines it is arthritis, turn to Veterinary Naturals for products that help relieve this pain. These products reduce joint inflammation and increase mobility, so the dog can move around comfortably once again. For rapid relief, fill a sock with uncooked white rice and heat the sock in the microwave for one minute. Place this heated sock on the painful joints to provide relief. Do this twice a day for 15 minutes in conjunction with the natural joint relief products and your dog will love you for it.

Provide Nutritious Foods

Dog owners often feed their pets food from the table, and this is one of the worst things they can do. Table scraps and high-calorie treats aren’t good for the dog for a number of reasons. Only provide healthy, nutritious foods created specifically for dogs, and purchase a bowl that prevents the dog from gulping food down. This helps keep the dog from overeating. One thing many dog owners don’t realize is the information on the dog food packaging may not be appropriate or accurate for their furry friend. Speak to the vet to see what food your companion should be eating and how much should be provided each day. Additionally, ask if smaller feedings would be better for the dog even if food needs to be provided more often saw a result of following this type of schedule.


Dogs need vaccinations just as humans do. These vaccines work to prevent the pet from becoming ill and are an easy way to extend the dog’s lifespan. The medicine prepares the body’s immune system to fight off the organism that causes the disease the vaccination was created to prevent. Certain vaccines are considered vital for all dogs, and a vet becomes of great help in determining the needs of the dog and when each vaccine should be administered. However, dog owners must be aware of local laws regarding vaccines and ensure this schedule adheres to these laws. For instance, rabies vaccines are required in most states and proof must be provided when requested. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure the dog is in compliance with all laws.

Yearly Checkups

Make certain the dog goes in for yearly checkups. These checkups are of great help in ensuring the dog remains healthy and catching potential problems at an early stage before they damage the dog’s health. This is done through the examination and is of great help in determining the baseline for vitals and other critical information that will help the vet provide the best care possible. During this visit, the vet also prescribes medications for the dog, such as heartworm medications or a prescription to prevent fleas, ticks, and more. This is a great time to ensure the dog is up to date on all vaccinations as well, so be sure to ask the vet if any shots are needed at each yearly checkup.

Keep the Pet at a Healthy Weight

Dogs need to maintain a healthy weight to live a happy, healthy life. However, dog owners often have a blind spot when it comes to their dog’s weight and refuse to believe the vet when he says the dog isn’t healthy. Don’t make this mistake. Excess weight reduces the lifespan of the dog and increases his risk of many diseases, including diabetes, kidney disease, and respiratory disease. The added weight also contributes to the development of arthritis and makes it more painful once the dog does have this disease. For these and numerous other reasons, pet owners must ensure their dog stays at a healthy weight and exercise can be of great help in achieving this goal.


Dogs need regular exercise for a variety of reasons. The exercise helps to keep the dog at a healthy weight, of great importance to overall health, but it does much more than this. Exercise also allows the dog to bond with his owner through an activity they both enjoy, and it is great for getting the animal’s excess energy out. Dogs, when bored, often get into trouble as they are trying to stay occupied. When they get plenty of exercise, they are less likely to act up or cause destruction around the home and yard. With plenty of exercise, they also sleep better at night.

Prevent Chewing

Dogs like to chew on things, which is why pet owners need to keep a supply of bones on hand. If the dog chews on the wrong item, it could make him very ill and this needs to be avoided at all costs. When the dog continues to chew on a certain item repeatedly even after measures have been put into place to stop him, try putting Bengay on this item. Dogs don’t like the smell and will avoid the item as a result. A mixture of apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, and water will produce similar results. Mix the three liquids together in equal ratios, put the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray items the dog regularly tries to chew to keep him away.

Don’t hesitate to ask the vet for more advice on keeping your furry companion healthy and happy. Vets are happy to provide this information and they aren’t the only ones. If you have a reputable provider you turn to for products designed for canines, ask if the provider has any advice or information that may be of benefit to you. The more knowledge a pet owner has, the easier to become to provide the pet with everything he needs for a happy, healthy life.

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