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Masked Lives Matter

America has a regular witch’s coven in motion with the de rigueur masking of our society. The very masks that a few months ago the CDC told us with complete confidence were useless and unnecessary, are now a fashion statement telling the world that you are a woke, caring person whose only interest is keeping others well and safe, just as long as you wear a mask. Masked persons are better citizens than unmasked and unwashed persons.

But one fears, in the year of the Wuhan Red Death, that wearing a mask is a stylish way to show one’s dislike of our president, and a way to be in union with the rapidly spreading anti-American sentiment. The styles, designs and colors of masks have become infinite since this disease was introduced from China, and far too many people seem to like wearing them so as to look like bad-guys, or just to be in opposition to President Trump.

It’s even more stylish to wear aviator sun glasses with your mask so you look like a modern-day pirate. This could make the wearer appear more threatening and edgy, which the radical left prefers to do.

It’s interesting to think of the future, when statues are erected to the memory of those who bravely wore the uncomfortable and oxygen-depriving face masks. The only problem being that, because of the mask, we will not be able to recognize the bronzed mask wearer, and the statues will soon be torn down by another mask wearing leftist in protest to the first mask wearer.

But there’s one question I’d like to ask: Why aren’t masks racist? Everything else in our daily lives is deemed to be racist by the radical Democrats. We know that the major killers of young black men are other young black men, and these days we see many masked young black men marching and protesting, so why isn’t wearing a mask, especially a black mask, racist, or at least considered to be cultural appropriation?

Our nation, with the Nazi-like leadership of the Democrat party, is literally coming apart, and Donald Trump is the only saving grace we have in store, if we can make it to November and the next presidential election.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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