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Democrat Panic

From the moment the President announced his candidacy he was attacked. They lied about spying on his campaign, the Russian connection – it has been one constant flood of attacks and they have all failed.

Now we enter into their last stand, the virus, and rioters. They hope to cripple the economy with their lockdowns, to maintain violence in the streets, thinking Americans will blame the President. What they fail to understand is Americans realize how the Democrats are using these lockdowns. Now they want to keep schools closed regardless of all the evidence saying they should be opened, they don’t want those parents going back to work. The President has constantly offered help to these Democrat-controlled violent areas and they reject him, some even try to blame him for the violence. These last breath attempts will also fail the more Americans realize the facts.

Their cohorts in the media twist facts or fail to report them, fabricate stories, refuse to publicize this President’s accomplishments, he just lowered drug costs, and not one word is mentioned just to list one. A 92-year-old black man sitting in front of his book store in Milwaukee with his support Trump signs was executed where he sat and not a peep from the media.

They are panicking knowing the FISA Court and Durham report will destroy all trust and credibility in their party. Panic is driving them and they are making severe mistakes. They lack honor and credibility and are not fit to run America and they won’t. I predict a landslide win for the President who has always stood for law and order, who has enacted more policies to benefit Americans than any President before him. History (if the Democrats can’t rewrite it) will show this is one of the greatest American Presidents of our time.

But beware, we have a lot to overcome, the lack of information getting out to the public and we always have voter fraud which the Democrats are very good at. What we do have is the truth and righteousness of our cause, we are the majority up against a minority of violent, ignorant individuals. We are the American Patriots who created this nation and the ones who will fight to preserve it, we also have never failed.

editor’s note: A previous version of the article indicated that the young black man in front of a book store was killed in Harlem. This article has been corrected to report that it was instead in Milwaukee.

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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