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Trump Vs. Joe Biden And The New World Order (NWO)

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When President Trump first came into office he promised to drain the swamp and fight for the people which he is doing and succeeding magnificently. No president in history has succeeded more for the American people  while having him and his family abused, defied, slandered, smeared and besmirched  by his opponents yet he always manages to come back on top with a good right upper cut to his opponents.

Now he faces re-election. A recent poll taken by the New York Slimes has Biden leading Trump by 14 points. Joe Biden held a 50% to 36% lead over Trump, according to the New York Times/Siena College poll. Mr. Trump was underwater on his overall approval rating, with a 41%/56% approve/disapprove split.

Sixty-two percent of voters said they disapprove of how President  Trump is handling the protests following George Floyd’s death last month, 61% said they disapprove of his handling of race relations, and 58% said they disapprove of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

I would like to ask these people who think Trump hasn’t handled the coroanvirus and riots right, just what do they expect him to do? He offered military assistance to the governors of the states in turmoil and they refused help.

Trump has done more than any of the dems who sat on their hands while he did everything to save the country from the virus. Lets take a good look at what he did to fight the virus:

  • After the first death from the virus in late January when it was discovered it came from China,Trump put a halt from all travel to the U.S from China.
  • After it broke out in Europe, Trump put a halt from all travel to the U.S. from Europe. Trump saved thousands of lives by these travel bans.
  • When it broke out here, Trump gave Andrew Cuomo 40,000 ventilators he requested which Cuomo didn’t need after he found he had a warehouse full of them he didn’t know he had. Trump then stockpiled them for us and the leftovers he gave to countries who needed them.
  • Trump got the two hospital ships Comfort and Mercy here in record time one on each coast.
  • Trump turned the Javits Center in New York into a 3000 bed hospital for corona patients
  • Trump got CEO’s from various medical supply companies who make medical supplies including Mike Lindell from My Pillow fame to the white house to pledge giving support and much needed supplies such as ventilators, hospital gowns, masks and drugs where needed. Mike Lindell pledged to turn 75% of his company over to making masks, gowns and sheets for hospitals.
  • Trump got the army to set up makeshift hospitals around the country for the overflow of patients.

And where were the dems all this time? They were sitting on their hands plotting against Trump and thinking of new ways to impeach him while the country was dying. So I don’t want people saying Trump isn’t handling the pandemic. There are people in the government known as the deep state who want to get rid of Trump so bad and gain control that they don’t care how many people die in the process.

I don’t believe these polls anyway especially one from the New York Slimes. Why would anyone want to vote for a creepy, old, forgetful, mumbling senile man staying in his basement.  Sounds like something out of a horror movie. The only reason they hate Trump so much is because of the leftist lies from the media.

Joe Biden is not winning in any poles against Trump.  He has no platform to run on, only knows all about the walls in his basement, he doesn’t come out to campaign (like Hillary did)  so what are the supposed people voting on?  We’ve already experienced lying poles in the 2016 election.  This time, whoever believes them deserves the Medal of Stupidity.

If God forbid, Biden got in he’ll not be running the country but those around him will. They will just pop his face up when needed to make it appear he is in charge. People have two choices in this election. Their job is to vote for the best of those two who will get things done.  Will they vote for the highly corrupt dementia guy hiding in the basement or the energetic guy who is out in the trenches daily fighting for us, and putting his and his family’s life at risk for our safety?  They have to use their minds not their emotions.  Those are their only choices. Just compare the two; lower taxes, safety, jobs, and history of Trump and his business and then Biden with his criminal activity for 40 years. Trump has hired more minorities and women than anyone thinks.

A recent article in Breitbart explained the lefts and rioters goals clearly:

“The modern left’s goals, the modern media’s goals, the goals of the terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter are immoral, are the authoritarian goals of tyrants who want to tell us how to think and what to believe, what we can and cannot say… They want total control of our children by way of a failed school system, they want total control of that which shapes our culture by way of an entertainment institution that blacklists those who think different, they want total control of political speech by means of tech fascists, and they want total control of our government by way of cheat-by-mail, removing the electoral college, killing the filibuster, and expanding the Supreme Court.

The left are now the Woke Taliban, and the Woke Taliban cannot achieve those goals through non-violent protest and civil disobedience because those goals are monstrous. So they are forced, like the Bolsheviks before them, to resort to gangsterism and violence, to terror and lies.

We now live in a world where Democrat politicians are doing nothing to stop the violence in their own cities, where the police are obviously being told to stand down as lawless mobs gleefully stream the statues they topple and monuments they desecrate, where a big city mayor sides with the terrorists who occupied six city blocks filled with hundreds of businesses and private residences.

We now live in a world where violence against President Trump and his supporters is openly encouraged by the media.We now live in a world where a New York Times’ Pulitzer winner celebrates the idea she is the gasoline fueling the desecration of churches and decimation of black neighborhoods.

This is all happening right now… In America.

And eventually a Democrat president and congress will agree that Mount Rushmore needs to come down, or needs to be returned to the Indians who will then dynamite it, or we will one day see a group of these left-wing terrorists succeed in dynamiting it.

There is one way to stop it…

Only one…

Come 2020, the American people must repudiate this terrorism at the ballot box, must annihilate the Democrats in such an overwhelming way it will be 50 years before they resort to violence again (remember, it was 50 years ago Democrats used violence to try and preserve the Jim Crow south)…But that’s the only way, and the polls right now are not encouraging.

We have already been heavily infiltrated by NWO/Globalists/Deep State, in most areas in our lives.  All causes or crises people protest for now, are suspect as being infiltrated by NWO.  It is simply one vehicle NWO uses to divide & conquer, in its goal of world domination.  The “Protesters/Rioters” think they are being supported for their cause, but it’s NWO using them as their useful idiots. There are no causes.  NWO’s only goal now is to bring down Trump in any way they can.  They USE causes.  They want to install a puppet idiot president and themselves in control, not the dumb Dems. That’s all what’s really going on now is all about.  Nothing else.

So who are these NOW globalists you may ask? Here are but the handful of NWO members:   George Soros, The Clintons, Obama, Bill Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birxx, WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORG.) our CDC (Center for Disease Control, headquartered in Atlanta) , NIH, Socialist Democratic Party, Bushes, to name a few.  Obviously more names we are familiar with are members, but they are not public figures and don’t go around advertising themselves as such.  You don’t hear from them, but are the movers and shakers behind the scene like Rockefellers and  Rothschilds.


David Vaughan Icke is an English conspiracy theorist, and a former footballer and sports broadcaster.  Icke has written more than 20 books and claims that all these riots and thuggery and tearing down statues has had many reasons why it’s happening now……Is it to Divert Attention from what’s just happened – “It is all a Diversion by the NWO” he says.

They’ve come a long way.  NWO wants to destroy and erase our culture, our history, our governing laws, our religions and their teachings and their churches – even people worshipping a white Jesus are considered racists.  They want to totally clean house so they can install their New World Order, ruled by a handful of the richest people in history from various countries, and have a drastically reduced world population that they use as their slaves.  Soon those too will be changed, perhaps replaced with AI.”


All our freedoms and advancements could be wiped out by one dishonest election.  It is only the NWO closing in on us.  Their biggest, most formidable obstacle is TRUMP.  With elections only a few months away, they are under extreme pressure (UNHINGED!) to destroy everything our country stands for, and install their New World Order Headquarters.


Do you think our upcoming election is an important one?

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