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Potty Training Tips for a Puppy Using Pee Pads

As a pet owner, I am sure most of you prefer training your puppies to go outside for potty. However, people living in an apartment or condo don’t have the luxury of a yard. Using pee pads is the ideal solution for them. Pee pads are also great for pet parents that stay away from home for long durations. However, please remember that this entire training process is not easy, and will require considerable amounts of time and patience. 

Before you get started, it is helpful to carry out some research about the breed of your puppy. This can make a difference because potty training some breeds can be more difficult compared to others. The process can get easier by knowing what to expect. 

Things Required:

If you want to potty train your puppy, you will have to arrange a few things first. 

  • First of all, ensure that you have adequate supply of puppy pee pads so that you don’t run out of stock during the training process. Also, always stick to a single brand throughout the process because change of brands can be confusing for your puppy. 
  • The next important thing you need is a timer that will remind you when it’s time to let the puppy out. Maintaining consistency throughout the process is very important. The urinary bladder of a puppy can be unpredictable. However, it is possible to prevent accidents by bringing your puppy to the pad regularly. This will also help your puppy understand the purpose of the pad.
  • Finally, dog treats can play an important part in this process. Rewarding your pup for using the pee pads in the right manner can help reinforce this good behavior.   
  • A leash may also be required for leading your puppy to the pads.

Potty Training Steps

Step 1: Your first step is to opt for a specific brand and size of pee pad. Choosing a quality brand is important because changing brands will not help your cause. To ensure more coverage, choose a larger size than what is necessary. You may also want to try out pads that resemble grass. However, please remember that these pads require additional cleaning and maintenance. 

Step 2: Now, choose a potty spot for your puppy. Ideally, you should look for an area from where the activities of your puppy can be easily monitored. Also, try to designate a somewhat confined space for this purpose. It is best to choose an area that can be used as a long-term spot for potty training because the training efficiency may suffer if the training pads are moved around.   

Step 3: As the trainer, you must show your puppy where to go. Usually, puppies can’t hold the bladders for a longer duration. Therefore, take your puppy to the pee pads often. Set your timer for every two hours and take your puppy to the pad whenever the timer goes off. Also, guide your puppy to the pee pads after eating, waking up, and playing. The process can be frustrating, but extremely effective in turning your puppy into a fully potty-trained dog.

Step 4: When your puppy starts using the pee pads properly, praising him or her is extremely effective in reinforcing this behavior. You can do this by certain words of appreciation or giving a treat or two.  Be patient if your puppy doesn’t use the pads. In this case, you should wait and try again at a later stage. Also, please remember that accidents are an important component of effective potty training. These were some simple tips for potty training your puppy using peed pads. Please remember this is an elaborate process that demands a lot from you as the pet parent. If you are ready to get started with potty training your pup, take a look at high-quality and affordable pee pads available at Pet Parents.

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