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Democrats Get Stupider And Stupider

Any citizen of a certain age will recall our beloved Bill Clinton, probably at the time he was being grilled about his fooling around with Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office, barking at reporters, saying that their questions concerning his personal misbehavior was not providing food for a starving child, so he ended the presser and said he was going to get back to doing the business of the American people, and then fled with his self-righteous tail between his legs.

That was a stupid, transparent and escapist thing for President Clinton to say, but our radical left, New York Representative, AOC, has joined Slick Willie’s misdirection tactics by stating that she favors defunding police forces because the money used to pay police salaries is denying children books they need in order to get a good education.

Forgetting for a moment that today’s public schools, along with many colleges and universities, use the school system to indoctrinate children into a hate-America atmosphere rather than to educate them to be able to think for themselves and participate in a real democracy, if Democrats aren’t lemming-like in their ability to say and repeat absolutely and obviously insane things, and to follow one another to the brink of the precipice by repeating the same idiotic crap over and over, this time about defunding the police, then I lack the words to identify them and their ignorant mouths.

Any person with a few minutes on their hands could find better ways to spend the $175,000 that AOC gets annually as her House of Representatives salary, while wagging her mouth and making a fool of herself on every possible issue, with no knowledge of how dumb she sounds, while the police officers of America risk their lives each and every day trying to keep the Democrat Party and their henchmen and religious followers from destroying our nation with their riots and their burnings and their beatings.

With the proposed demise of the police forces, whom Democrats suddenly despise, it will rapidly become impossible for any child to safely walk to school in even the safest neighborhood, and at night the shootings and gang warfare on the streets of every city, with the absence of a police presence, will prevent them from studying at all. How sub-stupid can a bunch of people be to arrive at the suggestions they put forth for dealing with a twenty-first century America? All Democrats must be voted out of office in November or our nation may not be able to patch up the harm they are doing to it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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