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Are New Products Being Developed In Relation To The Current Health Crisis?

The coronavirus pandemic first broke out in December 2019. More than six months have passed and the world is in shutdown mode. Businesses and schools are closed and only the essential goods and services are available. One may wonder whether there is room for product development even as the pandemic continues. The answer is a definite yes.

Even with several new normals being established in the world, manufacturers have used this period to develop new products that help people to better cope with the pandemic. There are also technologies that give us hope for fighting the health crisis successfully. This website gives you compelling evidence regarding the current state of new product development during the current crisis.

Here are some examples of new products being developed during the pandemic.

1. Face Shields

Disposable face masks have long been a norm in the medical industry, in some research contexts, and in various food industries, etc. However, face shields are an entirely new product. It’s difficult to accept that people must go through their daily routines or go outside their homes wearing face shields. There’s now this fear in people where they feel that they are unsafe and exposed even while going about their daily activities.

Today, so many companies have gotten into the development of face shields, a protective layer of acetate worn around the face. That way, it reduces the risk of saliva being transmitted from one person to another when one talks or sneezes. Some innovative companies have made this product more fun by incorporating it as an extension of bucket hats. 

2. Personal Protective Equipment

Apart from face shields, another new product that’s now being developed is personal protective equipment or PPE. Previously, this was used only by the health workers. But, today, designers and other individuals in the fashion and retail industry have also traded the designing of gowns and dresses for PPE.

Children, senior citizens, and anyone who leaves their homes are also more inclined to wear this protective equipment. It’s a whole bodysuit that’s set to protect the head and the entire body of the wearer. This, along with a face shield, gives that extra layer of protection to the person going out.

3. Pocket UV Sterilizers

With everyone scrambling to be clean, virus, and germ-free, the development of different kinds of sterilizers is on the rise. Many years back, the UV sterilizers were limited only for use in bigger-sized areas such as an entire room. Nowadays, to ensure greater safety of those that need to use it, pocket sterilizers are also being developed. As the name implies, these are the handy sterilizers that are portable, and you can carry one in your bag or pocket. That way, whenever you need to go out, you can minimize touching different surfaces without first cleaning them.

4. Health Apps With Chatbots

Health apps have been developed since smartphones came into being. Today, these health apps are created to be more advanced through technology and artificial intelligence. These apps go beyond storing your personal health information and giving you real-time updates. These apps are also now equipped with live chatbots that you can consult if you have any health concerns. The apps are particularly useful for people who may have an onset of fever, sore throat, diarrhea, and other early symptoms of the COVID-19 disease.

5. Hands-Free Door Openers

Germs and viruses can live on surfaces for as long as three days. So, even opening doors in public areas should be done with care. To meet the needs of front line establishments like hospitals and grocery stores, hands-free door openers have been developed. This product is also referred to as the hygiene hook. Rather than using your bare hands, you can use this device to open doors for you. 

6. Emergency Ventilators

To respond to the need for more ventilators in Intensive Care Units across the globe, emergency ventilators have been created. These ventilators are needed by patients to stay alive. They pump oxygen to the lungs. These new ventilators aren’t meant to replace the traditional ICU ventilators, but these emergency ventilators work just as fine whenever needed urgently. The traditional ventilators are very expensive. So, these emergency ventilators were created at a faster speed and cheaper cost to help the patients in need.


The above-mentioned list of new products being developed during this health crisis isn’t a comprehensive one. There are certainly many more new products that have been developed and many more are yet to come. However, this list proves that product development has taken place despite this global pandemic. In fact, all the more so. This is because there is a pressing need to come up with innovative products to help people cope with this health crisis. 

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