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69% of Americans have Succumbed to Coronavirus Fear – Will You?

You are walking down the sidewalk when you come upon someone walking in the other direction. The person passing you by does not even look at you or say hello. Instead, they take a few steps to avoid you. Like you are a diseased rabid dog. I am sure we have all experienced the situation during this Coronavirus crisis.

The Coronavirus crisis has turned us all into germaphobes. A public park bench – who was sitting there before you? Social distancing – what can one say? Many stores have placed taped lines and circles for you to stand in to ensure you avoid coming close to another human being. Shopping has turned into shopping for mere basics – mostly canned beans and frozen pizzas. Many have lost the art of real cooking a home meal. Dining out has been reduced to eating sandwiches from a service window of the few snack shops or fast food joints that remain open. No need to shop for the fancy frills in life, besides, many are still lockdown behind the four walls of their homes.

How does the consumer feel about their future prospects? Consumers’ appraisal of current conditions declined considerably in April – with all the Coronavirus fear, this is not surprising. This was confirmed with recent data from the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® as it’s index deteriorated further in April, following a sharp decline in March. The Index now stands at 86.9 (1985=100), down from 118.8 in March. For many, the American confidence for the future is waning.

But here is the really shocking and disturbing statistics about the American psyche during Coronavirus. Americans have been driven into so much fear and conditioning that even if they are told things should go back to normal – they wouldn’t believe it.

A rather astonishing statistic. This means nearly 69% of Americans have succumbed to Coronavirus fear. A mental illness crisis is looming as millions of people worldwide are surrounded by death and disease and forced into isolation, poverty, and anxiety by the pandemic of COVID-19, United Nations health experts say.

Psychologists say children are anxious, and increases in cases of depression and anxiety have been recorded in several countries. Domestic violence is rising, and health workers are reporting an increased need for psychological support. Interviews with doctors and nurses in the United States who said either they or their colleagues had experienced a combination of panic, anxiety, grief, numbness, irritability, insomnia, and nightmares.

The Right Wire Report has written extensively (as have others) on this irrational fear here, here, here and here. And yet the fear still exists. Is this the future you want? And just who has brought us to this state? Global organizations, media, Hollywood, Leftist academics, and Leftists government, all who want to extend lockdowns and fear to achieve more government control – power and money. These folks are conditioning the population like Pavlov’s Dog to surrender your sovereignty to them through fear. Each time our president (Trump) tries to make moves to reopen America, he meets nothing but resistance by these same people.

Soon you will have to make a personal decision on how you will deal with the Coronavirus crisis – fear or liberty. Will you succumb to Coronavirus fear or come out as a stronger person? Apparently, there are many weak and few strong. Perhaps Darwin is at work.

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