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6 Best Tips To Boost Engagement On Linkedin In 2020

Linkedin is the best social media platform if you are looking to either enhance your business profile or to grow your private network. By doing it the right way, you will experience a boost in your traffic and brand awareness increases simultaneously. Unfortunately, several people don’t know how to use it aptly to reap maximum benefits. They should understand that only copy, pasting the latest blogs is not going to help them.

Today, in our blog, we break down some of the best tips that will help you boost your LinkedIn engagement. Following are some of the essential tips:

Updated Information – It is quite natural that people generally forget to iodate their​ Linkedin profile whenever they achieve a new skill or have started a new position at work. Outdated information in your profile is not at all engaging, and it gives the impression that you are not active. They will also assume that your profile is not worth engaging with. Hence, ensure that you keep updating your profile too frequently with new skills, accomplishments, jobs, and other information relevant to Linkedin.

Use your personal profile – An undeniable fact that company pages are increasing​ considerably on Linkedin. Still, personal profiles are dominating the platform. Well, the company pages are vital as well, and they provide necessary information about a company, business, etc. It also helps an organization build a network of its employees. Moreover, by following a few tips, you can increase the visibility of your company page. But, personal profiles get more views as compared to the company pages. This simply means that you should keep posting from your private account on Linkedin to increase engagement considerably.

Compelling content is the key – Headline and Summary constitute important content​ on your LinkedIn profile. Your headline should pitch viewers and should retain them to your profile. Your summary should state early what you do and how you will help your target audience. A few tips for creating compelling content for your LinkedIn profile are –

Make use of simple and clear language, avoid complex words and jargon.

Clearly explain why your offerings are better than other similar offerings in the market.

Make it easy to skim and read.

Ensure that you provide your contact information.

Include external links of your website or other social media profiles.

Think beyond just your headline and summary. Seek to post content on Linkedin that people need.

Engage with others – If you comment on and link to other people’s posts, then it will​ eventually increase the engagement of your profile as well. It helps you in two ways; one is that you will find new connections, and the second one is that people love to reciprocate. Think of it in this way that the more you engage with others, the more engagement you will gain. But, if your audience feels that you are only interested in sales/business, then they are less likely to engage.

Ensure to proofread everything – Linkedin is a platform for professionals. Your​ profile will help to establish your credibility. When you are standing in the LinkedIn community, errors are not justified. You cannot afford to have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It will harm your image, and your engagement lowers considerably. You cannot just depend on your eyes while looking for errors. Invest in one of the best apps available and check your grammar.

Consistency helps – Linkedin generally promotes people who post more often. Its​ feed algorithm works this way; active people appear on top. Many people suggest posting 1-2 times every day on Linkedin helps a lot. Yes, it means that while enhancing engagement for your company page, post 3-4 times a day. Moreover, don’t forget to post high-quality and informative content.


All these tips will help to boost the engagement of your LinkedIn profile and enhance its performance at the same time. These tips will offer several benefits in varied ways. Maximize the content on your profile to the extent possible. Actively engage your audience by posting high-quality, valuable content at least once per day. Join groups and engage with the members of that community to establish value and experience reciprocity. Grow your connections through authentic ways. Track your success to observe if these tips are working for you.

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This is Sharon Winget, Staff Writer with GoodFirms, a review and rating platform of top IT companies & software. A tech geek at heart, I firmly believe technology can transform societies. I enjoy blogging about web design, email marketing, and content marketing.

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