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4 Ways to Safely Store Your Firearms

As a gun owner, preventing firearm theft is paramount to ensure you keep your family and community safe. In the recent past, there have been several cases of mass shootings, and in most cases, the firearms used to commit these crimes are stolen. In such an unfortunate circumstance, one can end up being targeted by civil lawsuits. One can be held liable for the injuries caused by the stolen guns. There are numerous gun-storage systems based on one’s personal needs. It all depends on the guns you own, your living situation, and the money you’re looking to invest in. If you’re a collector, for instance, you’ll be required to have higher storage capacity. There are numerous storage options available today and are used to prevent unauthorized operation of the guns, protecting them from physical damage and theft.

Below are some of the best tips to safely store your firearms.

Using trigger locks

Trigger locks are some of the most affordable and straightforward options to prevent your gun from being fired or loaded by an unauthorized user. Most guns nowadays are sold with the trigger lock included in the box and come in various forms. The trigger shoe is the one that clamps down around the trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being used. The cable lock blocks the action of the gun, therefore, preventing rifles and shotguns from being closed. Trigger locks are quite affordable and are even offered for free via some community programs.

Security cases and string boxes

These security cases and string boxes are given to gun owners to provide anti-theft and gun-finish protection features. They use a locking gun cabinet, and at the same time, offer portability of the long gun carry cases and handguns. The prices vary significantly depending on the level of technology included in the system. When you add mounting hardware and cables, you can easily attach the cases directly to the wall of a closet, interior of a suitcase of the trunk of your car.

Gun safe

For the average gun owner, a gun safe is the most secure gun storage option available. The basic and no-frills safe is superior compared to most storage options, especially when it comes to preventing unauthorized access to guns. Gun safes are also essential when it comes to providing extra protection against fires, flooding, and other disasters.

Locking steel gun cabinets

The locking steel gun cabinets are an excellent option to increase the internal configuration options and the level of storage capacity. They are ideal for use in locations such as second-floor rooms and apartment buildings where a gun safe would be too heavy or large to install as they are lighter.

Other basic options you can employ are keeping the keys hidden, avoiding lending it out, storing bullets separately, reporting theft immediately, and so on. From Two-Tone to Airsoft Guns, find the largest range in the UK easily with Onlybbguns.

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