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Surprise: Sanctuary Authorities Release Illegal Alien Charged With Child Sexual Assault, Now They Can’t Find Him


  • Francisco Barraza-Porras, a resident of Boulder County, Colorado, was arrested in January and charged with multiple counts of sexual child assault, but was subsequently released back into the public. 
  • The Daily Caller News Foundation discovered that Barraza-Porras in an illegal alien, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is conducting an active investigation into his case. 
  • ICE confirmed that Boulder County officials do not work with federal immigration authorities, and the sanctuary county does not honor ICE detainer requests. 

The Daily Caller News Foundation has exclusively learned that a Boulder County, Colorado, man charged with child sexual assault and wanted by local law enforcement is living in the U.S. illegally.

The Lafayette Police Department and the Boulder County District Attorney’s office are asking the public for help in locating Francisco Barraza-Porras, a 47-year-old man who was released from custody, skipped his court date, and is at large. ICE revealed to the DCNF that Barraza-Porras is an illegal alien, and Boulder County officials confirmed that they do not honor ICE administrative warrants.

The incident showcases the consequences when sanctuary jurisdictions fail to transfer custody of an illegal alien over to federal immigration authorities.

Barraza-Porras, who was last known to be living in Lafayette, Colorado, was arrested on January 2 and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault on a child. Instead of keeping him in custody or handing him over to ICE, local law enforcement released him back into the public with an order to appear to appear before court on March 2.

However, Barraza-Porras never showed up to his court date, and law enforcement doesn’t know where he is.

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The Colorado state legislature and the governor’s office, which are under complete control of the Democratic Party, has dramatically curtailed ICE’s ability to enforce immigration laws in recent years.

Law enforcement in the state are prohibited from arresting or detaining a suspected illegal alien solely on the basis of an ICE request. A law signed by Democratic Gov. Jared Polis last year also bars officers from providing a suspected illegal immigrant’s personal information to ICE, and requires state police to read illegal aliens their Miranda rights when coordinating an ICE interview.

Boulder County is no exception to this statewide sanctuary platform.

“Per state law, we only accept detaining someone if there is a warrant signed by a judge. So we don’t accept just general ICE detainers,” an administrative official with the Boulder County government told the DCNF.

This policy is typical among sanctuary jurisdictions in regard to immigration detainer requests.

If an illegal alien is arrested by local law enforcement for an unrelated crime, ICE will lodge a detainer request with that agency, asking that they hold onto that individual for no longer than 48 hours in order for an ICE agent to arrive and assume custody. Sanctuary states and jurisdictions claim that detainer requests are worthless unless signed by a judge.

However, federal immigration authorities vehemently push back against this claim, arguing that Congress has given explicit authority to ICE to issue administrative arrest warrants. The Immigration and Nationality Act, in particular, gives federal immigration authorities the ability to lodge detainer requests.

“The public has been misled to believe that certain judges have the authority to sign a warrant for civil immigration violations — but no such judicial authority exists,”  ICE spokeswoman Justine Whelan told the DCNF in August. “This idea is a myth created by those who either oppose immigration enforcement efforts, are misinformed, or who do not understand how the immigration system work.”

ICE spokeswoman Alethea Smock confirmed that Boulder County does not cooperate with the agency, and that ICE is conducting an active investigation into Barraza-Porras. Lafayette Police told the DCNF on Saturday that they believe he is still at large.

The Boulder County District Attorney’s office, and the Lafayette Police Department, according to local reports, are urging the public to help them locate him, and have encouraged them to contact an investigator if they have any information about his whereabouts.

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  1. Slim, by “sucks to be you” can we assume you mean Colorado?

  2. I don’t care. Colorado wants to become another Kalifornia. That is proven by their voting Democrats for their leaders. Sucks to be you.

  3. So…you think this is outrageous ? Other than uttering profanity & sharing with the choir ‘what you’d like to do’, WHAT have you done to stop it?
    These liberal corrupt politicians were “Choosen” by votes ..It takes more than sitting on our arses complaining to over come the ‘numbers’ that got them there.
    Elections are won & lost by count…Now do the majority actually ‘want’ these officials or did their supporters work a little harder to ‘get out the vote’…???

    2020 is our 2nd & perhaps last chance to keep our Country as it deserves… Block walk, hand out flyers, phone calls, mail outs or….be a candidate…even if you don’t think you’ll win, you’ll pull votes & balance the field….GET INVOLVED….GET OUT THE VOTE FOR US!!

    Arrestt these birds, jremove from office, jail time equal to rest of term and fine them the cost

  4. One wonders what the real reason is for such behavior by so called law enforcement officials.
    The federal government has to either get an instantaneous warrant process going or sue and penalize these creepy politicians in these creepy so called sanctuary municipalities. Cut off the money from the Fed and get fax warrants going.

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