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Healthcare is a demanding job, and allied health professionals frequently find themselves on the frontlines of our nation’s most pervasive battles. There are many important considerations facing today’s healthcare workers as they serve the injured, ill, and infirm, but none are more essential than safety. The top priority of all healthcare professionals is safety, both for their patients and themselves, though there are many challenges. Luckily, there is a thriving healthcare supply industry that keeps healthcare facilities and workers well-stocked with the latest products and innovations to promote protection and safety. From men’s scrub pants and bacteria-resistant footwear to eye protection and gloves, these invaluable supplies ensure a fighting chance for everyone.

Simply working in a healthcare setting poses substantial risks. Research shows that healthcare workers are exposed to a wide variety of harmful materials on a daily basis. There are a host of dangers facing healthcare professionals, who are no more immune to illness or injury than the patients they treat every day, and while some of the dangers they face are obvious, others are less so. For instance, it is not unexpected for healthcare workers to be exposed to biological hazards such as disease, which is why immunization and protective wear are both vital. There are also physical, chemical, and even psychological perils to contend with.

Over time, a multitude of studies researching the best ways to protect healthcare workers have suggested that prevention is paramount. Proper equipment for personal protective wear, such as gloves, masks, and gowns, is a must. These items help to limit exposure to dangerous pathogens, which helps to ensure everyone’s safety and prevents the spread of contagion. Continuing education is also a valuable tool for healthcare workers. As the challenges facing the health of our nation continue to evolve, allied health professionals need to be well-prepared to meet changing needs.

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