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Pelosi and Dems Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Families And Economy!!!


Democrats blocked a massive $1.8 trillion stimulus spending bill to protect the U.S. economy and provide relief to American families who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The New York Times noted that the Democrats’ decision to block the bill sent U.S. stock futures tumbling to the maximum limit on Sunday evening. The Times further added that Republicans and Democrats had agreed that the plan was “crucial” to stopping economic fallout from the outbreak of the coronavirus as the bill would have sent $1,200 in direct payments to millions of Americans and would have provided lots of additional benefits.

The Republicans in the Senate had a good plan that would provide aid and relief to families and the economy, but House Dems voted it down Sunday night. The GOP plan would provide $1200 to Americans who need it with a payment going out on April 6th and another on May 16th.

The proposal McConnell put forth on Thursday is being called “Phase 3” of Congress’ measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News reported. The first two bills focused on research and testing for COVID-19, while this plan is looking to get some cash back into an American economy that has virtually come to a halt.

The $1 trillion proposal includes $208 billion in loans to industries that are really suffering amid the outbreak, such as airlines, along with forgivable loans to small businesses. For individuals, McConnell proposed direct payments of up to $1,200, dependent on income

Pelosi responded by saying, “First and foremost, our response must address the coronavirus outbreak as the public health crisis that it is: rebuilding our health care infrastructure on a national scale and securing the resources to test and treat everyone,” she wrote. “We must do everything that we can to support doctors and scientists as they pursue treatments, a cure, and a vaccine.”

Pelosi continued: “At the same time, we must tighten the safety net in America, which is sadly and seriously frayed. Any response package must greatly increase Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid, help small businesses survive, expand paid sick and family leave and put money directly into the hands of those who need it most.

The Republican plan was a good plan and addresses most of what Pelosi wants. She and the Dems are still so triggered that they lost the election and know they have nothing to offer while Trump is succeeding so they are not co-operating with anything the republicans and Trump do. Someone should remind her that if she hadn’t gone ahead with their phony impeachment and wasted 30 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money and distracted Trump from his duties, he could have had more time towards fighting off this virus.

We now know that the early ban on travel to and from China has probably saved thousands of lives. It bought us precious time, time that we wouldn’t have had if the virus had been allowed to propagate from China in early February.

And when a few weeks ago President Trump acted to impose travel restrictions on China as a consequence of its abysmal handling of the Wuhan coronavirus, Biden was right there and ready to act as Beijing’s lawyer, slamming the policy as “hysterical xenophobia.” Now, even the New York Times concedes that these measures bought the United States valuable time to prepare for an epidemic.

Biden declared the China travel ban as “hysterical xenophobia,” a statement that should completely disqualify the former VP at this point.

 Biden opposed it because he’s always been a hack when it comes to China. It’s time Biden answers for his past when it comes to China and is held accountable for his most recent statements on the matter. Is he going to take a hard line with China if he’s elected? History says no and there’s little doubt the communists will do everything they can to ensure a Biden victory in November.

In the last 40 years, it’s hard to find someone who’s been as wrong about as much as Joe Biden has. His policies and opinions on China are no exception. Cognitive issues aside, this guy doesn’t need to be anywhere near the presidency.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s leadership is nonexistent at this critical time — not a good look for a man trying to show he can lead the nation.

President Donald Trump may not have started his coronavirus response on the right foot, but he has recovered quickly and shown strong leadership in his handling of the crisis.

The Democrats’ rejection of the republican’s bill brought on a lot of anger from people on both sides of the aisle

Town Hall political editor Guy Benson reported that Senate sources said that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for tanking the bill, “Talking to some Senate GOP sources. They seem stunned and angry,” Benson said. “I’m told there was lots of bipartisan input into the legislative outline & emerging specifics – including an agreement in principle on broad strokes. Then Pelosi showed up and threw a partisan grenade.”

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Brian Riedl tweeted: “The Senate Democrats just engaged in one of the most cynical displays of partisanship I have ever seen in the U.S. Senate. They let Pelosi blow up a bipartisan agreement. And they’ll get away with it too by denying what was in the agreement.”

Democrats tried to claim that the bill was a corporate bailout and a slush fund and did not protect workers, which is misleading.

Part of what Democrats have used to try to make the claim was a component of the relief package that gives the Treasury Department the power to distribute $500 billion in emergency federal loans to states, cities, and businesses. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA) tweeted: “Now is NOT the time for politics. Senate Dems & Nancy Pelosi need to quit playing political games & support the Coronavirus relief bill they co-wrote in the first place. Enough is enough. Lives are at stake. The economy is at stake. Families & workers need help NOW.”

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