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A Guide In Buying Used Guns Online

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It’s normal to be scared when attempting to purchase utilized things on the web, particularly with regards to spending a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Getting a pre-owned gun is maybe all the more scary in light of the fact that it could be broken or total garbage. You could acquire a firearm brimming with imperceptible issues that can cause loads of breakdowns. Purchasing online also has a greater chance to be cheated or scammed.

In order for you to avoid getting ripped off, we’ve listed down the things you should look for and put into consideration when buying a used gun online.

Research the Gun First

If you find something that you like at a great price point, be sure to research any information that could give you an idea about the firearm being sold. Not only gun, you need to select the gun safe also carefully. You can read gun safe reviews online to know which ones are good and worth investing money on.

Research will also help you know if the gun is well made and if parts are still available in case the gun gets damaged over time. Make sure you are checking articles from industry experts and enthusiasts to give you the most accurate details.

Knowing the gun first will also give you the idea if it’s ideal for your needs. You won’t be able to check the fit, thus thorough research can give you an idea if the firearm is perfect for you.

Warranty and Return Policies

You won’t be able to test the weapon when buying online so, your best option is getting it from sellers that offer a solid history of customer support, warranty, and return policies.

Reputable online shops are pretty good about presenting their return policies and warranties, that gives customers the leverage in any transactions.

The warranty and return policy should set your expectations and know if you are covered if anything is damaged with the item when you receive it. This information should be in fine print and make sure that you understand it before making any purchase.

Reputation Matters

There are plenty of online shops that sell used firearms. You can easily check the legitimacy of physical stores but checking online shops can provide challenges.

You can rely on websites that are one of the leading platforms in providing good quality firearms. You can check for any recommendations on gun forums, fellow gun enthusiasts, or industry experts that have experiences in purchasing online.

Also, find websites that verify sellers before allowing them to post any listing. Any listings provide complete information including the email, phone number, and location of the seller.

You can customize your search to different states and find the lowest offers. They will also take care of anything if something is wrong with your purchase.

You can also report any inappropriate listings or breach in their Terms & Conditions. You are sure that the items are reviewed accordingly.

Steps In Buying Your Gun Online

Once you’ve decided on the type of gun you’d like to get and you are safeguarded with warranty and return policies from a reputable online shop, you can now set up your Federal Firearms License (FFL) pickup location.

Keep in mind that the company will not send the gun directly to your doorstep in the mail. You’ll have to pick up your firearm and find a local dealer with FFL.

Any reliable gun store in your area can be your best bet. You can also check on pawn shops and collectors, just around. You can also get your own FFL.

You will be charged for a service fee usually around $20 to $80 depending on the state and the dealer. You’ll need to provide your FFL’S contact details because the FFL will need to provide their license and the address to which the gun will be delivered.

Once your purchase arrives at the FFL, the process is similar to purchasing a gun in person. Your FFL dealer will also do a background check before completing the transaction. You won’t have a problem as long as you have lived a lawful and normal life.

Additional Measures

Once you’ve held your hands on your purchased gun, do not leave the dealer until you have fully inspected the gun to make sure the overall condition of the weapon is good.

Here’s a short guide on how to inspect your gun.

  • Examine both the exterior and interior. Check the fit, finish, and look for cracks, rust, or pitting. Any minor finish issues or holster wear are normal, but other issues can be a sign of problems.
  • Check closely at any bushings, muzzle devices, screws and fittings on the firearm. You’ll see wallowed out screws or scratches if the gun has been disassembled by someone who has no idea what they’re doing.
  • Make sure that any upgrades like sights and rail systems are installed and functioning excellently.
  • You’ll also need to inspect the Bore and disassemble the gun to see any lack of rifling and pitting.
  • Ensure that the controls like safeties, magazine release, and slide lock move freely and smoothly.

If you do find a damaged part, refuse the transfer and make the FFL aware of the issue. Any reputable seller will manage to have your gun replaced at no cost.


Purchasing a used gun online can be a challenge, but as long as you familiarize yourself with the information and process above, you’ll find the process relatively easy.

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