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Why Good Women Love Trump

Good women love President Trump.

By “good women” I refer to women who evince God’s love through intelligence and rationality. Their love is for themselves as well as their family, friends, community, country, and foremost God. They are women who derive self-worth from striving to live in ways in which they personally succeed and they help others to do so as well. Theirs is a life of achievement and humility, strength and compassion, courage and empathy. Like those in the Bible, from the brave and compassionate Jehosheba to the judge and prophetess Deborah, and from minister Priscilla to Mary the mother of Jesus, good women are dignified, courageous, and endeavor to show love to all in their life. They do not degrade their femininity for a false show of “strength,” they are beautiful and powerful because they are authentic women evincing every quality of mind, body, and spirit God has given them.

I contrast such admirable women with those you see, for example, supporting all manner of evil stances, whilst screaming for “equality” that already exist under our law. What they really want is “special rights” because they are the antithesis of individuals who take personal responsibility for their lives. I call them bad women, as they are a disgrace to our sex. Pathetically, they band together, often using profanities, advocating anti-American, anti-family, anti-Constitutional, anti-life, and anti-God policies while claiming to be victimized to no end. Wallowing together in their malicious and vile belligerence, their hearts are filled with toxic anti-man and anti-God feminism. With clear perception overshadowed by their spiritual darkness, they ironically campaign for that which is anti-woman.

Contrast such angry and silly behavior of the spiritually empty with that of good women who are happily working, caring for their families and friends, pursuing personal development and fulfilled.

To be a woman is a beautiful gift from God, for we are imbued with unique characteristics that serve our lives well when we choose to live in God’s will in relation to the men in our life as well as to all others.

Which brings me to the truth about good women and President Trump. We love Trump. Why?

Because he more than any other president in decades has made promises and kept them – all of which benefited us. He has proven by his actions he cares about all Americans. We live in the real world where our jobs/income and that of our family members matters, where our investments matter, where our safety and security matter, and where our right to practice our faith unhindered by those who would seek to impose their sinful choices on us matters. We focus on what is good which is what always works…and Trump works – for us and all Americans.

While political pundits and analysts examine and debate election statistics, polls, and political party constancy of women voters over the years, they overlook the fundamental truth that good women will always support President Trump and bad women will not. Unfortunately, since many women are not good, they will refuse to embrace the good right before them. Rather they are irrational, illogical, and out of God’s will and thus subject to being manipulated into being part of the worldly agenda propagandized to them. This is why many women vote for Democrats (a party which has degraded over the years into standing for evil on major issues). Regardless of how much their lives have improved or how much Trump’s policies make the nation stronger, they will oppose him because they fundamentally choose evil over good. They prefer politicians who pander to a nonsensical victim-hood mentality and who are devoted to allowing the killing of infants.

Good women, those whose lives are rich with the true blessings of life due to their choices to live joyfully, appreciate a man who focuses on accomplishing the good because that is what we focus on in our lives. We appreciate authenticity. We appreciate a man who evinces confidence, passion, and strength…a man who is righteously indignant against evil. We appreciate a man who is competitive and ruthless, a man who acts like a real man because he is one. We know these are the traits America needs in our president.

In short, good women love a good man. And Donald J. Trump is a good man…and a great president.

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Christine is a writer who focuses on applying biblical principles to every area of life. Interests: history, the U.S. Constitution, politics. Her articles have appeared in hundreds of publications, and she has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows nationwide.

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  1. A good woman – a virtuous woman – is a blessing to all those around her. She is the most powerful presence in any gathering. But her goodness will not allow her to know this – let alone speak of it.

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