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The Sad Bad Example Of Nancy Pelosi


When our great country and the world looks back on the moments of history for the year 2020 these are just a few of the highlights of what we will see.

  • The death of Kobe Bryant.  We tragically lost a basketball icon.  Rest in Peace one of our most beloved MVP’s.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. Patrick Mahomes, thank you MVP.  Only 24 years old and such an inspiration to our youth.
  • The death of Kirk Douglas at 103 years old.  A Hollywood icon.

And then there’s Nancy Pelosi, the winner of the Best in MPF (Best in Most Poor Form) for her pathetic and disrespectful display of ripping up our President’s State of the Union speech.

Nancy Pelosi sadly represents exactly what we try so desperately to teach our children how not to act.

For those of you who commend Nancy Pelosi for her behavior during our President’s State of the Union, I ask you to please remember those the President honored during his speech:

Buzz Aldrin, Gerald and Sharon David, Matthew Charles, Grace Eline, Ashley Evans, Elvin Hernandez, Roy James, Alice Johnson, Joshua Kaufman, Irving Locker, Timothy Matson, Joseph Reilly, Judah Samet, Joshua Trump, Tom Wibberley, Herman Zeitchik, Stephanie and Janiyah Davis, Kelli and Gage Hake, Jody Jones, Iain Lanphier, Retired Brigadier General Charles McGee, Paul Morrow, Carl and Marsha Mueller, Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz, Tony Rankins, Robin and Ellie Schneider, Joshua Smith, and Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams and his wife Amy and their children.

As much as many people may dislike President Trump, none of those named above deserved the disrespect Nancy Pelosi showed them by tearing up his speech.

And then we have President Donald Trump acquitted from his impeachment.  Thank you President Trump, MVP, in leading our country back to greatness.

I dare those who hate the President to actually read his 2020 State of the Union.  Take away your hatred and bias and read it.  I found it to be inspiring and a call for unity.

Here is a video of the speech

And here is a link to the full transcript

Here is the truth.  The truth the fake news and The DC Swamp won’t ever admit…

If President Trump loses the election in 2020 it will be because of the will and the vote of the American people. It will NOT be the doing of crooked politicians slithering through the DC Swamp.

Anyone who doesn’t understand or believe either of these statements to be true may well be the biggest fool of all.

Vote 2020!

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