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How Does Photo Stick Mobile Work?

What is the necessary step that you will do when your phone says insufficient storage? Normally, you would be checking all the photos or videos on your phone and delete those that are deemed unimportant. Well, the importance of a particular file depends on the person who saved it in his device. What if the next day you suddenly realize that you needed this particular file, will you be able to undo what you have just deleted?

Lucky for you if your phone includes a restore option for those deleted files. But if not, you can blame yourself for now, but next time, it would be better if you have a backup plan for it.

Have you ever heard of the handy device called Photo Stick? This product is said to solve your phone-full-storage situation. This is said to bring you convenience in backup files on your phone, such as photos or videos.

How does it work? Well, once this device is plugged into your phone, you need to select the option to back up your files. Select “Go,” and this device will automatically locate and backed-up all of your photos and videos. Aside from this, it will also find any duplicated video or photos and delete it as well. You don’t need to browse one-by-one on the files to locate the duplicated ones. You can just let the Photo Stick Mobile device to do it for you. The company which manufactured the photo stick for mobile devices has also created another gadget which works in similar way called the photo stick for computers, you can read more about the photo stick for computers at Holgadirect.

There are other things that you need to do for the full functionality of this device. First, there is a mobile app created for this device. You need to download, install, and let this app run on your phone. There is a separate version for Android or iOS phone users. Better select the device that is compatible to your phone when you are purchasing to avoid getting stressed when you have finally received this product. This device also available in 32GB and 64GB versions, so you can choose which of these versions is suitable for your storage needs.

Since it is a storage-solution type of device, there is no doubt that this product is compared to flash drives. Well, it resembles and functions like that. But, there is a feature that separates it from that of a flash drive. Photo Stick Mobile’s primary function is to transfer and store only photos and videos from your phone, unlike a flash drive. Because of that, it can detect other files that are stored on your phone as it only focuses on backing up your photos or videos. This device has its software that will perform the scanning process and storage functions of these media files.

For “insufficient storage” or “device memory full” phone problem, deleting photos or videos will help, but instead of doing it, why not just transfer it to external storage? The Photo Stick Mobile is the product created to be the solution to phone storage problems. Just make sure to purchase the correct version compatible to your phone, plug it, and voila! You get to save your precious photos and videos.

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