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Bolshevik Bernie’s Bad Ideas

bernieSandersBernie Sanders’ radical plan for democratic socialism is about one thing and one thing only and that is the complete government takeover of every aspect of our lives. It starts by saying the government will give you everything for free and we’ll take care of you.

The problem is all the young people that actually by into this garbage they hear the word free and they say that sounds great not caring how it gets paid for. We have to hope that middle-class Democrats will realize that their taxes will skyrocket and they vote for Trump.

Bernie is the most dangerous major party candidate in American history. He would do irreparable harm to the republic, and he can’t be allowed to win.

Here are eight tax proposals he is planning:

  • 4% income tax on everyone making over $29,000 which isn’t a big salary at all and considered lower middle class.
  • An additional 7.5 % payroll tax.
  • Raising the top marginal tax rate to 52%.
  • A capital gains tax increase.
  • A death tax rate of 77%. You pay to die.
  • Raising the corporate income tax to 35% after trump just lowered it to 21% causing companies to come back here from overseas thus creating jobs here.
  • 85 trillion dollar tax on fossil fuels causing oil and gas to go up.
  • 2 trillion dollar tax on large corporations.

Everything will go back overseas after coming back here after Trump.

Bernie also claimed his policies will create jobs after recently saying people will lose their jobs. This is the cost of “free.”

Recently Anderson Cooper interviewed Bernie and asked him how he will pay for all his programs, “You say you don’t know what the total price is, but you know how it’s gonna be paid for. How do you know it’s gonna be paid for if you don’t know how much the price is?” Anderson asked.

“Well, I can’t — you know, I can’t rattle off to you every nickel and every dime. But we have accounted for, you, you talked about Medicare for All. We have options out there that will pay for it,” Sanders replied.

Warning against a Sanders presidency, Lithuanian immigrant Daiva Gaulyte encouraged his supporters to “go to the socialist country and live there for a while so they know what it is.”

Gaulyte, who attended a Trump rally in Las Vegas this week, spoke with Breitbart about her family’s experience and why she came here. “I thought America is free,” she said. “I’ve been in a communist country,” continued Gaulyte. “I don’t want to have it here.” She noted how the communists “took away my grandparents’ land” and that she never wants America to go this way.

Of course, if you ever talk to a Sanders supporter, they are convinced that socialism — or ‘democratic socialism’ — should be our future, even though history tells a different story.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Bloomberg, like Bernie, suggested open borders are our solution. What? Is he crazy?? On the topic of immigration, Bloomberg chose to advocate the opposite position to Trump, explaining, “The solution to our problems is more open borders, not closed borders. The solution to our problem is to improve education, not to try to penalize people because they are successful, If you don’t have successful people, you’re never going to have the wear-with-all to support, help those who are not. We tried socialism, it doesn’t work.”

That’s the truth that socialism doesn’t work because socialism eventually leads to totalitarian communism, but is he crazy??
A country without borders is not a country at all. OPEN BORDERS (except in Communist “controlled” Countries) have always been the Communist New World Order’s DREAM for the United States and a nightmare for all American Citizens that love the CONSTITUTION.

What if next week 50 people are detained at the border who are illegally crossing and carrying the Coronavirus with them?

And what if some of the illegal aliens transmit the Coronavirus to our homeless population?

And the Coronavirus explodes in numbers of American cases?

Remember, Bolshevik Bernie wants open borders and amnesty for everyone.

Pelosi has attempted to stop Trump building the wall that can stop a bunch of sick people on that side of the border.

What would we do if 1000 people from Tijuana suddenly show up at the border carrying the plague with them demanding to come in? Just let them in knowing they will spread it quickly? At what point is our government OBLIGATED to protect our security and sovereignty?

In this day of age when crap like Ebola, Coronavirus, and who knows what’s next????  COMMON SENSE NEEDS TO START guiding these stupid morons who keep drinking the globalist Koolaid.

Open Border politicians are committing TREASON and they are ATTACKING OUR SOVEREIGNTY. They are also putting us AT RISK of a plague, social upheaval, invasion, or worse.

Meanwhile, Media pundits are all saying how the virus can cause Bernie Sanders to win in November.

Rush Limbaugh had the perfect response saying: Why couldn’t the coronavirus get Donald Trump reelected? What if the United States comes up with a dramatically great policy to deal with it — and the number of cases in the United States dwindles, goes down, or does not expand like the cases around the world? Then why wouldn’t that be beneficial to Trump? Notice: Here we are in February, and they’ve already got this virus ruining the economy by November, in time to take out Trump. This is proof they’ve got nothing. They know they can’t beat the guy, folks.


Rush is right as always.

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