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Why Classic Watches Will Never Go Out of Style?

Each style has its own characteristics and admires. According to the chosen style, you can even describe not only the character, appearance but also the status of the person. Classic style is relevant at all times. It does not have clearly defined age limits. But the classic is chosen by people with good taste, by self-confident, ambitious, disciplined women and men.

Particular attention should be paid to accessories because they not only complement our image but also serve as its decoration. Therefore, you need to choose them very carefully for the classic style. Jewelry, strict hats, neckerchiefs, and, of course, classic watches can be used as an accessory.

Classic Women’s Watches

Even though every year watches brands create a variety of collections, the classic style remains the most sought after and the most popular one. What is the reason for that? The fact is that the best watches under 1000 in the classical style are universal, which means that ladies do not need to select this accessory for their wardrobe — women can wear both an evening dress and boyfriend jeans with a wide shirt.

What should a women’s watch in a classic style be like? First of all, only high-quality materials are used to create this accessory. The strap can be leather or metal. The dial is decorated with clearly marked numbers, and time is shown only by the minute and hour hands since this style does not imply the presence of additional functionality. According to all requirements, classic watches do not have frills and decorations, because their main task is to precisely show time. If you are unsure about which watch is the right one for you, seek help from Arizona experts at The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co.

Classic Men’s Watches

If women can wear various accessories, then it is much more difficult for men to look more fashionable. That is why watches are almost the only accessory they can choose from.

Modern watch brands amaze with their unusual models, but the classic style will never go out of style. The main characteristics of the classic men’s watches:

  • Round watch case with no frills and decorations. Sometimes it can be rectangular or square.
  • The strap and case are made only of high quality, strong and durable material. It can be steel alloys or steel. The cases of many models are coated with white, pink, red gold or platinum.
  • The numbers on the dial can be Roman, sometimes Arabic and very rarely, the numbers can be replaced with a variety of characters.
  • Some watch models are complemented by a stopwatch. Sometimes you can find models with two or three dials.
  • Sapphire or mineral strong glass that protects the dial.
  • The color palette is light, plain, preferably pastel.

A wristwatch in a classic style on combines strict design, the lack of catchy details and elements. This accessory will perfectly complement the wardrobe of a businessman emphasizing the style and elegance of its owner.

There is one unspoken rule among business people: the price of a watch should not exceed one month’s income. This is not the main requirement in business etiquette, but rather a recommendation. The contemporaries most often buy watches that can exceed the monthly income even several times, because today watches are not only an accessory but a kind of indicator of their owner status.

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