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Exploding E-Cigs And Vape Pen Lawsuits Are On The Rise

Electronic cigarettes (or E-Cigs) are causing an alarming number of injuries due to explosions and flaming batteries. These injuries have caused a major spike in lawsuits related to these products, and there are several things that you as the consumer should know. Continue reading to learn how these devices might cause you injury or how you may be eligible for compensation.

What Are These Electronic Cigarettes?

E-Cigs use an electronic nicotine cartridge and battery to provide the satisfaction of smoking with the carcinogens that are present in traditional cigarettes. These devices are sometimes known as a personal vaporizer because they use a lithium-ion battery to heat the liquid, create a vapor, and allow the user to breathe that vapor whenever they want.

E-Cigs are not smoking all the time. The device will provide a puff of steam when you need it, and you can put is in your pocket when you are not using it. These products were first found on shelves in 2007, and they are not so popular that about 30 million Americans are using them. However, part of that growth has been attributed to teenagers. Their use has multiplied over the years.

The Issue With Overheating Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries in most E-Cigs get so hot that they would easily explode. These explosions could happen at any time, and there is practically no warning. Anyone who is using these devices could be permanently injured, scarred, maimed, or even killed by these devices. This is especially troublesome because the explosions can happen when the user is actively vaping.

Injured that have been associated with E-Cigs include broken teeth, broken facial bones, severe burns, paralysis, broken vertebrae, and many more.

The box mod style of E-Cig is most responsible for these explosions because the product itself is so compact. These devices are popular because they fit in the user’s pocket. However, the compact design causes the device to overheat very quickly.

The device could explode in your pocket, explode in your backpack, or even explode on an airplane. The dangers presented by these devices are increasing the number of E-Cig explosion lawsuits because of the unpredictability of these batteries.

Where Else Might You Find Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries are found in a host of electronic products from cell phones to tablets and laptops. These batteries have been known to overheat, and it is wise for you to record any injuries that may have occurred if you were hurt by one of these batteries. While you were not hurt by an E-Cig, the damage could be just as bad as the damage caused by an E-Cig. Plus, it is wise to consult a lawyer before you seek compensation.

These batteries may not explode right after you buy the device, and there is no excuse for them to become fire hazards. Because of this, you should not ignore any problems that you have had. Even if your battery does not explode, you have a right to file a claim against the manufacturer.

Do You Know The FDA Regulations?

There are a lot of people who do not know the regulations for E-Cigs and how they should be made. The FDA created rules for these devices, and they enacted rules in August of 2016, that specifically deal with things like the importing and packaging of these products. However, that does not mean that you are buying a legal product every time you pick up an E-Cig from the store or buy one online.

If you have been buying E-Cigs, you need to look for products that meet the requirements set forth by the FDA. You can buy compliant products that include atomizers, E-Liquids, and batteries. Plus, you should read about each manufacturer online before buying. You are putting yourself at significant risk if you are not considering what you are buying.

Flaming Rockets

FEMA even released a report stating that E-Cigs could be turned into flaming rockets when they are overheating. No one wants to have something like that near their face, and you must be very careful when using these products. If you or someone you love was hurt by one of these products, you can use the steps below to file a claim for compensation.

Find A Quality Attorney

You must find a quality attorney who can help you file a suit against the manufacturer of the E-Cig. Plus, you may have a claim against the company that sold the E-Cig to you. You must document your injuries, and you should have proof of purchase showing where you bought your E-Cig. Your lawyer will look into the case, and a lawsuit will be filed when you have enough evidence for such a claim.

Do not wait too long to file a claim. You deserve to get financial compensation, and you must find a lawyer who will help you with other issues like last ages, disability, and medical accommodations.


Using E-Cigs can be very dangerous for you, and you need to hire a lawyer if you have ever been hurt by one of these devices. If you insist on using these products, you should buy from approved manufacturers. Research what you are using, and remember that the batteries on these products have been deemed dangerous by FEMA and the FDA. An experienced lawyer can help you get your life back on track, file a lawsuit, and recover from any injuries you have experienced.

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