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Everything You Need To Know About Sole Parental Responsibility

Many couples around the world end up separating after many years and after having kids. Sometimes, you need to make the security and wellbeing for your children possible.

To keep your kids safe, you’ll need to contact a local family court and get orders of Sole Parental Responsibility. But just before starting, you need to make sure you know every major details about filing for sole parental responsibility.

How It Differs From Shared Responsibility?

By default, the family court system and the law assumes that your and your ex would have equal rights to raise the children after divorce. This law gives the parents certain responsibilities regarding their children. These responsibilities includes their religious activities, their health, location, and their name.

In contrast, Sole Parental Responsibility is granted by a family court to one of the parents when they determine that it will be in the best interest of the child to be raised until they turn 18. However, this law does not exclude other parent from helping the child financially.

The Process Of Getting Sole Parental Responsibility

To get sole parental responsibility, you have to prove in the court that you can single handedly take care of the child, and other parent isn’t needed in the equation. Remember that you’ll have to provide your child with a safe home and an abuse free environment after the decision.

For these orders, you’ll have to contact a family court and file for a hearing with them. The court will hear from all the included parties and decide whether your request is valid or not. If they’re convinced, they’ll issue an order of sole parental responsibility.

What Factors Are Considered?

A parental order isn’t a straightforward thing. The family court considers a lot of different factors and aspects of your child during the case.Also, the court might even assign a lawyer to speak to your child and get any information from their end. The factors might include.

  • Ability of the parents to give some time to their children.
  • Ability of the parents to make better decisions about their child.
  • Affect on the child’s mental health by the current situation.
  • Other financial factors

Is It Any Hard?

Remember that the court always tries it’s best to help the child grow into a better adult. That is why getting a Sole Parental Responsibility is a but harder than the regular Shared Parental Responsibility order usually issued by the courts. Some of these responsibilities are.

  • Health of the child
  • His education
  • His name
  • Location of the child

When the courts issue a shared parental responsibility, they mean to give the child a better life by allowing them to make good decisions.

You can also get partial orders to make educational and religious decisions shared between two parents, while other things like health, name and location is arranged by only one of the parents. So, you’ll have to prove in the court that issuing a Sole Parental Responsibility is better for your child in order to get it.

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