Democrats Celebrate Women Being A Majority Of Workforce

Women now make up over 50 percent of America’s workforce, and the sexist/racist Democrats are excited and happy about this fact. But what do women think about this “accomplishment”? Are they proud that a smaller percentage of men are working? Are they happy that they have to do the majority of the work that men will no longer do? Are they proud of now spending more time at work than they do at home with their families?

If women want to work and enjoy a career outside of the home then this is great news. But I wonder if there may not be a great many women who would prefer to stay home with their children, especially during infancy and the pre-kindergarten years, and not have to trudge off to work each morning leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Maybe mothers would like to volunteer at their children’s school so they could at least see what the children are doing each day without them. Perhaps mothers would like to assume some of the teaching chores at their children’s school. And then maybe childless women would like to have an opportunity to become mothers, but they are working too many hours to make ends meet to be able to do so.

But in spite of this welcome new-majority news from the leftist commissars in the Democrat party, CNN and MSNBC will not utter a peep about the strong Trump economy being the enabler of this employment surge among women, who are helping financially to serve the bottom line of their families. Nor will Democrat rulers be mindful that inflation, a high tax burden and more regulations on corporations, regulations put in place by the Obama administration and causing family expenses to increase, requires women who may otherwise prefer not to work outside the home, to now have to do so.

And along a related line, the fact that women now make up a larger percentage of college students than men will not cause Democrats to bemoan the fact that now more women will be further burdened with college loan debt than previously, because more women in college is good news for college administrators and professors, whose salaries have spiked greatly in the last twenty years due to greater attendance at college and more liberal education loan policies, with a related increase of tuition costs and the need for loans that were not as needed, nor as large, in the past when per-hour tuition was less.

Yes, it’s a working-women’s world, but one wonders if the women being asked to assume a larger share of punitive college loans and work more hours at a job than their mothers, would agree.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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