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What Makes Pomsky a Great Pet at Home

The crossbreed of Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian is the Pomsky. Crossing usually includes a mother Husky and a father Pomeranian. This recently popular mixed breed has been catching the attention of many dog and non-dog lovers. This fame is primarily because Pomskies perfectly share the adorable features of a Husky but in a cuter and smaller size like a Pomeranian.

So, if you are planning to have a dog as a pet home, this article will explain why a Pomsky is an excellent choice!

What You Should Know About Pomsky

Pomskies are known as one of the most energetic and playful mixed breeds. They are generally smaller in size weighing only 20 to 30 pounds and an expected Pomsky lifespan of 13 to 15 years. This section will further explain what you should know about this adorable dog.

  • Temperament. Similar to intelligence, Pomskies also depend on their parents and their upbringing in shaping their temperament. But given the parents breed, these dogs have a lot of energy to spare! They love to exercise, play, and run around the house but are still gentle when around the kids. This is also the top feature that most Pomsky owners love.
  • Appearance. Pomsky dogs have medium-length double-coated silky hair that needs to be brushed daily, applicable during shedding seasons for about six months a year. However, the non-shedding season only demands for three to five times brushing a day. Hence, these small dogs are not advisable for future dog owners who have allergies. These dogs are also very adorable and cuddly to look at! Their fur and Husky blue eyes make a perfect pair.
  • Play and exercise. These Pomskies need at least 20 minutes of walk every morning, and a longer time, usually an hour, in the afternoon. In between these walks, they should also play one or two sessions to maintain their energy. These activities also help them to maintain their healthy body weight.
  • Intelligence and trainability. The intelligence of these dogs is inherited from their parents. Although they are known to be innately intelligent, they are harder to train than other dog breeds. But the good thing is: it is still possible to train them!

What Makes Pomsky a Great Pet at Home

There are plenty of obvious reasons to choose a dog pet at home, but selecting a Pomsky specifically, have more significant advantages. Here are some of them:

1. A Pomsky is good-natured and has a playful personality

Both the Pomeranian and Husky have good-nature personalities, and combining these to Pomsky results in an awesome combination! The former two dog breeds are very gentle, while the Pomeranian alone is the more energetic one.

This dog is very friendly and playful, which makes it an excellent companion for all ages. This trait is highly beneficial when you have kids at home. Pomskies are also innately competitive. This means that you should expect a little legwork during walking and playing sessions.

Sure enough, you will be lively and active every day!

2. It gets along well with kids and pets

If you have kids and other pets at home, then you don’t have to worry about bringing in a Pomsky! This new mixed breed is friendly, which can quickly get along with all your pets at home. They are also cute, gentle, and cuddly, so your kids will be safe with them. Your kids will love them a lot, and these dogs will love your kids as well!

These dogs are also affectionate, active, and willing to join any family activity at home. They are the least agitated dog breeds, which are great if you want your pets to be obedient and harmless. Apart from that, this dog breed is known to be loyal and useful. They will protect your family and are dedicated to keeping your home safe.

3. It is low maintenance

The Pomsky dogs are not wild and fussy. In fact, they can go around the house without destroying the house or moving the furniture since they are just small. They also know how to groom themselves similar to Huskies, so only once or twice bathing a month is enough for them.

As mentioned, the Pomskies are quite hard to train, but it is still possible! Their high intelligence makes it easier for them to follow commands and learn potty training. These types of training also help them learn behaviors that will make them good and obedient dogs throughout their lives.

Lastly, Pomsky dogs are small, so they do not require a big yard to accommodate them. They can play and run even how small your yard is at home.

4. It is adorable and elegant-looking

Because of their thick fur and fox-shaped features, Pomskies are very attractive and elegant-looking. They have these Husky blue eyes that will undoubtedly make you love them more. They are also cute to be dressed up once in a while or during special occasions.

5. It is loved as a therapy dog

Another unique trait of Pomskies is that they are excellent therapy dogs. They are useful in making you a lot better when you are feeling down, stressed out, or sick. These dogs also respond well and are great companions of kids with autism.

Who will not love Pomsky dogs if they are not only adorable but also convenient and beneficial to have? We hope this article helped you decide on purchasing or adopting one. We assure you that it will be happy and enjoyable!

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