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Tips for Caring for Your American Flag

One of the best ways you can show your patriotism for the United States of America is by keeping an American flag in your home. You may be one of those families that like to display it all-year-round, or you can also be the type to bring it out only during the 4th of July. As much as you’d love to show your love for your country, however, do remember that this isn’t without any responsibilities.

Caring for your American flag isn’t as simple as what you’d do with all your other belongings. After all, it isn’t just any other thing. To ensure that your American flag is cared for correctly and with the due respect it deserves, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Don’t Let It Touch The Ground

The American flag (or any flag for that matter) shouldn’t touch the ground. This means both dry surfaces on the floor and, most notably, wet ones. If, for any reason, your flag has reached the surface, take it down and clean it properly before putting it back up. It’s not necessary for you to immediately buy a new flag, just because it has touched the ground. What’s more important is that the flag is in good condition before you put it up for display again.

2. Learn When To Display The Flag

The American Flag Code has its own sets of rules regarding the proper time to display the flag. These rules make quite a lot of sense, and you don’t have to show the flag the whole year-round. Remember that the flag of the United States is your emblem as a sovereign nation. Hence, it deserves the utmost care and respect. Plus, this also helps preserve the condition of your flag for a longer time.

Here are the most important rules to follow when displaying the American flag:

  • Don’t display the flag on days when the weather is inclement. This means rainy days. However, an exception is if you have an all-weather flag, one of the types of top rated American flags. These are mostly made of non-absorbent materials such as nylon.
  • Display the flag on special days, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Washington’s Birthday, and the like.
  • Display the flag only from sunrise to sunset. If you wish to display it at night, it must be illuminated.

3. Be Very Cautious When Flying The Flag On A Vehicle

There are strict protocols that must be followed when flying the American flag on vehicles. In general, this is only to be done during parades. It also shouldn’t be draped on the hood, sides, and top of the car. The best way to attach the flag in a vehicle is to hang it on a staff that is firmly attached to the chassis of the vehicle.

Following this protocol will avoid any unnecessary damage to the flag.

4. Fly Flags In Good Condition

Taking care of your flag also means appropriately washing it. Here are two of the best ways to care for different flag conditions:

  • For most brand-new flags today made of synthetic materials, you can machine wash the flag but in cold water. Use light detergent whenever possible. When it’s done, leave it out to air dry. As a bonus tip, visit Flagstore USA, if you’re looking for a good quality brand-new flag for this coming year.
  • For older flags, these are usually made of more fragile materials. Hand-wash the flag using a gentle detergent.

5. Dispose Of Old And Worn Flags Properly

If you’re still keeping some of your old and worn flags, it might be a good choice instead to dispose of them. When it’s served your household for so many years, the expense of buying a new one certainly shouldn’t be as heavy. But remember that there’s a lot of care that also comes into play when you’re disposing of old and worn flags.

Disposing of your flag isn’t just going to be as easy as throwing it in the garbage. You also have to do so in the most dignified manner, such as through respectable burning, and not just any other type of burning. Keep in mind that burning the flag for fun or for no reason at all is unacceptable. Better yet, register yourself also to join flag-burning activities during major holidays such as Flag Day. Here, you can join many others who wish to dispose of their old flags respectably.


The American flag isn’t just any ordinary object you keep around your house. When you have one to display your patriotism, it’s also imperative that you’ll store it properly. More than just making your American flag last for a long time, it’s about the respect that you show it as one of the most important symbols of the country you belong to. Keep these tips in mind, as the way you respect the flag reflects the way you respect your country.

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