President Trump May Be A Bad-Boy, But He’s Our Bad-Boy

Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy were beloved bad-boys of America’s political left. The nastier they behaved the more Democrats adored them, and this adoration peaked when Clinton was impeached and Kennedy had his Chappaquiddick moment. These two leftist characters will forever be the darlings of the political left, but at this moment in history this radical left attraction to men who misbehave and get into, and then squirm out of, tight pinches, can be used by the newly-impeached Donald Trump, and members of the Republican party running for various offices, to assure his, and their, re-election in 2020.

We know that throughout the entire impeachment fiasco Trump’s popularity has grown with Independents and Democrats, while at the same time he lost no support from his Republican base, so he needs to take advantage of his new impeached bad-boy status and stress it; run on it. As long as President Trump continues to do a superlative job and does sincerely good things for America while in office, he should be able to coast to re-election, especially if the dense, dithering, stumbling Joe Biden becomes his opponent.

So with Mike Pence on the ticket to appeal to the more sedate and quiet members of our citizenship, and Trump being there to appeal to the more flamboyant, Republicans are a shoo-in for the presidency in 2020.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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