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Glorious Spanish Flowers for Gifting

Do we need to remind you of the powerful gift of giving flowers that can brighten someone’s day? Every culture attaches importance to flowers and gifting in bouquet form. While it may vary across cultures, the universal theme of love, affection, and care associated with gifting flowers remains constant. Flowers and Spain and its culture are indispensable. Sending flowers to Spain is a noble thought for your family and friends. In Spanish culture, it is considered even more sentimental as it is a means of expressing feelings and conveying emotions. 

Popular gifting flowers to Spain

In Spain, it is a fantastic sight to see gorgeous flowers on a vast tract of land along with buildings decorated with flowers of varied colors. Let us find out more about flowers popular with gifts for different occasions. 

Red Carnation

The national flower of Spain looks stunning, especially the red ones. A representative of the feelings and affection between lovers, it has a strong religious relevance. It symbolizes the passion of Christ to represent the crown of thorns. For centuries, carnations were used to convey feelings towards family and friends. For instance, pink carnations represent the expression of maternal love or gratitude, and white carnation flowers express luck and innocence. 

Lantana Flowers

Almost an essential part of every garden in Spain, these flowers are bright and come in vibrant colors. Lantana flowers are sun-loving and grow around the year with a full bloom. It is a perfect decorative flower. With colors like red, yellow, white, orange, lavender, and pink, your floral gift can never get more beautiful. 

Spanish Bluebells

While bluebells flowers are found in many countries across the world, however, the Spanish variety is the most stunning. The plant has broader leaves with pale blue color in a conical shape. Contrary to the name, bluebells are pink and white in the shade and look amazingly beautiful in a bouquet. 

Pomegranate Flowers

This flower has immense significance in the history and culture of Spain. The Pomegranate flower is the national flower of the country and founds mention in the literature and art of Spain.  Extremely popular in decorations and flower arrangements, the flower conveys a feeling of strong bond and affection when given as a part of the bouquet. 

Gazania Flowers

The Gazania flower grows in the dry and hot regions of Spain. The looks of this flower are stunning with shades of yellow and orange. Ideal to be included in the bunch of flowers for gifting as it remains in bloom for a comparatively longer time. These flowers look gorgeous, whether you see it in fields or bouquets. 

Valencia Red Rose

You will say a rose is a rose. However, a glance at Valencia Red Rose is dazzling. It’s a popular flower in the Valencia region of Spain. Gifting this flower symbolizes everlasting love, and it oozes romance. A popular choice with Spanish men to impress their ladies and express their love, the bloom of this flower is very striking.

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