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Foregone Conclusion – Al Goodwyn Cartoon

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About Al Goodwyn

Al Goodwyn's cartoons have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and websites including the Washington Post, the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner.


  1. I can’t understand what the Constitution is protecting here with the House Judiciary Committee in full fledged attack on our president, hell bent on destroying him. In normal America anyone going so far out of their way to harass, bully, slander, libel and just out and out stalking another person could be sued and issued a cease and desist order because of their wanton activities or face criminal consequences. Where is that protection for President Trump from this sham of a committee? Isn’t there someone who can stop this blatant attack on him?

  2. Nadler and his communist associates are dangerous and will cause a civil war if they keep this up.

    175 million legal voters will elect my president again 2020 .
    The dam dumb dens will try to get rid of him with their stupidity

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