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December Warning

While most Americans and Christians around the world celebrate and hold December near and dear to their hearts, Democrats and their sycophant supporters believe it is the most evil time of the year!

Yes, Democrats along with other anti-God movements despise Happy, Holy Days, Cheer, Giving, and Joy. In their hearts, there is never room for LOVE, since they are all about being victors in their political blood sport of destroying the lives of good and decent people.

Just ask anyone if they have ever seen a Liberal tell a funny joke or laugh until they can’t. Instead, it’s easy to spot Liberals because they all have a growl and frown exposing their heart’s mindset. They truly live in a ‘whine cellar!’

With the current “PC” culture so invasive, Liberals are forced to remain ‘growly’ to avoid being attacked by SJ warriors for having a sense of humor.

Oh yes, Liberals think they know everything and there is nothing liberals don’t understand, but just in case they have an extreme vocabulary of clichés to yell attempting to slay the messenger and then run for their ‘safe’ spaces.

Liberals are only about statements like racists, sexists, homophobic, and the like. Penetrating a Liberal’s mind is akin to training a rock to shake hands.

Just imagine how awful it makes any Liberal feel when they see Christians loving one another, sharing life, and enjoying the world around us. Imagine one’s audacity to openly sing Christmas carols – especially those with the word Christ in them!

The reality of Christianity and Christmas now evades Liberals. Liberals fail to understand that facts and truth make major differences in life.

Within the Liberal world, life is more aligned with ‘whack-a-mole’ lifestyles than reality. They falsely believe we must all live a certain way because of Democrat hoaxes!

The reality of life in their world, is Liberals prefer to live in a fantasy world full of political hoaxes while Christians live in a real world depending upon fact and truth as their guide.

When Democrat lies are exposed as only another hoax, they jump into their next hoax. Their lives evolve around telling lies and more damn lies – never to apologize or correct themselves.

No, Liberals never attempt to do anything to improve lives. It’s always about power and money. If they can win, then anything goes. If it’s a loser, then they fight dirty – blaming others for their lies and mistakes.

The point being is there is no way to appease a Liberal and December is the time of the year most hated by them. If it’s anything to do with Christ, it will be attacked, demeaned, and maligned.

Please don’t be shocked when it touches us, personally. Be forewarned and forearmed to deal with it as best we can. When they scream their handful of epitaphs normally used by Liberals to kill the messengers, perhaps we might kindly respond with, “Merry Christmas!”

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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